LONGKO Hair Straightening Brush, USB Bluetooth Device Adapter/Receiver

LONGKO Hair Straightener Straightening Brush – Hair Straightening Brush Ceramic Straightener Comb Adjustable 450℉/230℃ Temperature 30min Timer Auto Lock for Smooth Silky Hair Styling…

I’ve very long hair, 32 inches…so usually just leave it to dry naturally. Life is too short to spend hours on primping…but this was so quick and easy I’ll be happy to use it.

It comes in a smart display box. I missed the more comprehensive instructions found with others I’ve used though – the instructions with this were very, very brief. I ended up playing around with buttons to work out what to do. I couldn’t work out how to change from F to C even though I followed instructions…Again with others there’s been advice on what temp to set but nothing with these.

Its simple to use though, plug in, set heat and then use. It heats up incredibly quickly, so by the time I’d quickly worked out tangles it was ready. I used 190 setting as I don’t like too much heat and thought that was plenty.
Simply programme head, just use + and – buttons, then lock according to instructions to keep heat set at that temp. As with changing from F to C I found I had to play around with the Loc setting but got there in the end. Clearer instructions might have made that easier. Its sounds simple, but my first few attempts didn’t stop temp going up and down…

My hair is pretty straight but the ends tend to kink, and there’s always little broken hairs along the length that stick out so I was hoping this would give me that sleek and shiny look. You can see before and after photos showing how well it worked on dry hair and without any styling product.
I used on dry hair,( though I’ve also used similar ones on washed, damp/almost dry hair ) simply worked out any tangles quickly and then ran this through. If you use on wet hair towel dry or something til its almost dry, too much heat isn’t good for hair. Its easy to slide the brush through hair, just tilt slightly to ensure hair catches in teeth and then gently run down the length.
I like the auto lock function that will lock  button if its not used for 4 seconds, and shut down after 30 mins heating. Safety with all electrical items is very important. This is important too, the anti-scald comb teeth, no one wants burned scalp or fingers and some of these get very, very hot.

Hair is actually scales when looked at under a magnifying glass and rubbing, backcombing, ect. all ruffle the scales and that’s why it doesn’t shine. Use a good conditioner, and a spray if wanted – I didn’t as I hadn’t any to hand – and then sliding the brush down the hair the warmth and the movement will encourage scales to lay flat and make hair shine. I was impressed at how quickly it worked, and how sleek and shiny my hair looked. the images show my hair before and after using the straightener.

Stars: Four, very effective BUT I missed better instructions.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Bluetooth Adapter, USB Bluetooth Device Adapter/Receiver CSR 4.0 Compatible with Tablet, PC, mouse, Keyboard and Headset

I wanted a bluetooth adapter for my PC so I could use headphones wirelessly.

There’s not much to say about this except does it work? Yes it does. I simply plugged it in the front USB socket and it did everything automatically. There is a disc with it – I didn’t need it. Being something of a technophobe, if it can go wrong with me it does, I’m wary of anything complex, and this little gadget is a doddle to use.

Its small, which I like, and works perfectly. Nothing more you can ask is there? I didn’t test the range, I need it for PC and I’m sitting about 2-3 ft away from it. I guess you could play music and listen via headphones while moving around the home but its not something I’m interested it. I also connected the pc to my phone, handy for photos instead of transferring via cable maybe.

Stars: Five, simple and easy to use.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly

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