Candle Wicks and stickers, Butterflies and Dragonflies on Sticks,

Austor 150 Pcs 6 Inch Candle Wicks with 150 pcs Wick Stickers for Candle Making

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I love scented candles, and have lots of essential oils and some beeswax crystals from my encaustic art supplies so I’ve wanted to make my own for a while now.
Like all intentions they so far have stayed just as intentions….now with these I’m a step closer.

Looking online at how-to-make instructions it seems simple, melt the wax, add the oils after (too much heat destroys the scent). Put the wicks into containers using the fixing tabs provided, and pour in the scented wax. Leave to set and Hey Presto! You’re own unique candles.
You can use old jars, glasses, any sort of heatproof container, or buy special moulds and make ones that you can push out when set.

Of course using pure beeswax costs more than paraffin wax, that most scented candles commercially available use, but that can give off toxic fumes that upset people with allergies or breathing issues and pure beeswax doesn’t do that. These wicks are constructed from natural, flat, cotton threads and contains no lead, zinc or other metals,low smoke, and if purity if ingredients is important to you then you’ll want to take note of this.

Stars: Five, excellent and easy to use.

Austor 26 PCS Garden Butterflies on Sticks, Dragonfly, Butterfly Stakes ,Butterfly Decorations, Ornaments ,Party Supplies

Austor 26 PCS Garden Butterflies on Sticks Dragonfly Butterfly Stakes Butterfly Decorations Ornaments Party Supplies

I love butterflies and dragon-flies, and have lots of the real thing in my garden, but they are so so quick, so these guys can add a bit of colour and fun that don’t fly away! They’re larger than I expected, even though size is given somehow I didn’t expect them to be quite this good. I might add a little glitter paint or beads to some to catch the light even more – I have a real sparkle fetish!

They’re really pretty, catch the breeze and flutter gently as the wire is very flexible and allows them to sway. They are quite fragile, I broke a dragonfly wing trying to open it out a bit so don’t make my mistake 😉

Decorate pots and garden, place in vases with flowers indoors, tuck into potted plants, there’s no end to the fun you can have with them. If you take them out though, to the beach for decorating sandcastles maybe, do make sure you bring them home, plastic and metal can be so dangerous to wildlife when left behind.

Stars: Five, excellent and really pretty decorations.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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