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PrettyGuide Women’s 1920s Sequin Maxi Long Black Cocktail Prom Gatsby Dress

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I love these beaded dresses. Years ago I was looking for an evening dress and tried one on in a local boutique – loved it til I looked at the price £350!! and that was maybe 15 years ago….so these are a real bargain.

This is a really gorgeous dress, beautifully finished, and well constructed throughout, beaded hems and edges, neat stitching, a clever hidden side zip makes getting on and off a doddle. Anyone who’s struggled with a back zip knows just how much easier side zips are!

Knowing how many clothes on amazon are Asian sized I ordered this in XL. Its always difficult to know what size to order, so many of these dresses are very small. The charts don’t help either when they don’t say what size XL etc should equate to.
Having tried this on family members we reckon its a 12 – 14. I take a 16-18 and it goes on OK but its a bit snug round bust, though hips are fine. The waist measures 32 inches and the bust area 38, so should be a comfortable 12-14 and be fine if you’re in the 14-16 range rather than my 16-18 side.  The fabric does stretch generously, though doesn’t look so good when its pulled out of course.
Beth is size 8 and 5ft 2 and even in heels it was too long, but we think if it fitted better it would have been fine with heels. The other “volunteer” is a skinny 5ft 10, and the length was still a little long, but again had it fitted better it would have been OK. I’m 5ft 6 and a 16-18 and its was snug on bust but a good length for me.

Its got a very vintage feel, very 1920’s flapper style ( nan and the dressing up clothes gave me a taste for this era and the sparkles!), and yet the styling is so classic its suits any formal occasion.
The dress has a soft v neck style which is very flattering to all bust types, and the beading follows this pattern outwards to waist, where the scalloped edge gives the dropped waist style, very popular in 1920s and one that suits most people.
It almost looks like a two piece outfit, as the skirt has a different pattern and yet the whole flows beautifully into one lovely dress.
The beading is attached to a heavy mesh type fabric and there’s a full length slip under in a kind of soft jersey which helps it to hang well, and stops the “Princess Di” showing-more-than-you want look
Its in black only ( though description calls it gold..) with thousands of tiny bugle beads and sequins in gold and black. My passions for all things sparkly has found another dress I adore…

Its polyester/cotton, which is fine to machine wash, but all those beads won’t like the battering so do as it says and carefully hand wash!! Don’t wring it out but blot carefully in a towel before drying flat somewhere.

Its a perfect dress for summer balls and winter parties.

Stars: Five. beautiful and well made.

VIP Womens Full Figure Bra Bodysuit, Sexy Ladies Lace Camisole, Bodycon Leotard Top

Product Details



This is really pretty and would be perfect under the beaded flapper dress I’ve just reviewed. Bodysuits are perfect for giving a sleek outline and avoid the knickers waistband look on close fitting dresses.
Of course they look really sensuous too so you can just wear them for yourself under everyday clothes to make yourself feel sexy….Only you know what’s hidden under those plain jeans and jumper then!!

Its a polyimide/elastan/cotton fabric so has plenty of stretch, and the high cotton content of the bra cups won’t make you sweat like some of the cheaper nylon ones do.
Nice wide shoulder straps are comfortable for larger ladies, and the lace adds that touch of sexiness to it, with the underwire and the cut adding support for a good outline.
Its got clever styling by way of fabric cut and piping along the sides to give extra shaping.
It closes via hooks and eyes between legs- sadly most are like that, useful for not having to remove all clothing to go for a pee, but when you’ve one leg and had a few drinks as I did you, discover that doing them back up isn’t easy…all mine had to go years back 😦  but for most of you thins isn’t an issue of course.
I ordered it in 38E and its pretty accursately sized I think.
It comes in white or black so the white would be great under wedding dresses.

It’s perfect for giving a good look to evening wear or just making you feel good under ordinary clothes!

Stars: Five. beautiful and well made.


Apalus Hair Straightening Brush, Ceramic Hair Straightener, Straight Hair Styling

Product Details


I’ve very long hair, 32 inches…so usually just leave it to dry naturally. Life is too short to spend hours on primping…but this was so quick and easy I’ll be happy to use it.

It comes in a smart display box. I missed the more comprehensive instructions found with others I’ve used though – the instructions with this were very, very brief. I ended up playing around with buttons to work out what to do. I couldn’t work out how to lock temp,  even though I followed instructions…did it a couple of times by accident but not sure how. Its also got a couple of handy clips and a heat protection glove, though we found that too awkward to use.

Its simple to use though, plug in, set heat and then use. It heats up incredibly quickly, so by the time I’d quickly worked out tangles it was ready. I used 210 setting.
Simply programme head, just use + and – buttons, then lock according to instructions to keep heat set at that temp.
As with changing from F to C I found I had to play around with the Lock setting but got there in the end. Clearer instructions might have made that easier. Its sounds simple, but my first few attempts didn’t stop temp going up and down…
Its got 25% longer ceramic plates and heats up faster than others I’ve used – 1 min compared to 3 mins but I’m not convinced that’s worth the huge price increase. These are £50 and gave the same results as others that were £20.

We used this on Beth, who has very thick hair with a definite kink in parts. We were hoping for a sleek and shiny look. You can see before and after photos showing how well it worked on dry hair and without any styling product.
We used on dry hair,( though I’ve also used similar ones on washed, damp/almost dry hair ) simply worked out any tangles quickly and then ran this through. If you use on wet hair towel dry or something til its almost dry, too much heat isn’t good for hair.
Its easy to slide the brush through hair, just tilt slightly to ensure hair catches in teeth and then gently run down the length. It did straighten some of the kinks but not the sleek look she really wanted ( see photos) even after using multiple times on one section. Maybe with some styling product? Argon oil or similar is good for keeping a sheen on hair, but only use a very little or hair just looks greasy.

I like the auto shut down after 60 mins of non-use, but I’ve seen others with a 30 min max and I think that’s better. Safety with all electrical items is very important. This is important too, the anti-scald comb teeth, no one wants burned scalp or fingers and some of these get very, very hot.

Hair is actually scales when looked at under a magnifying glass and rubbing, backcombing, ect. all ruffle the scales and that’s why it doesn’t shine. Use a good conditioner, and a spray if wanted – I didn’t as I hadn’t any to hand – and then sliding the brush down the hair the warmth and the movement will encourage scales to lay flat and make hair shine. I was impressed at how quickly it worked, and how sleek and shiny my hair looked. the images show my hair before and after using the straightener.

Stars: Four,  effective but I missed better instructions, and am not sure its worth the extra ££’s.

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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