gel pens, kite kite and brass cogs for craft/steampunk costumes

Gel Pen Set 60 pack – colouring book gel pens for kids and adults – Coloured Assortment of Glitter Gel Pens, Metallic Gel Pens, Pastel Gel Pens and Neon Gel Pen

A great set of pens for kids, and real fun with all the glitter and neon ones included at an excellent price.

They won’t be great for colouring large areas as the nibs are too fine, but are very good for those current books that are everywhere, the ones for stressed adults that have lots of tiny sections making up images of complex patterns.
The colours are vibrant and a good mix, but many are very similar. They’re a ball pen type nib rather than the felt type usually seen for colouring.
They do feel very light and flimsy, and at times the ink flow is patchy, but a quick scrub up and down and its there. Its is a bargain price at 60 pens for under a tenner so bear that in mind. You won’t get top quality pens and ink at bargain basement prices, and this set is great value.
Kids will love them, and people like me addicted to all things sparkly….

They come in a transparent plastic case with Velcro attachments and snaps to keep closed, but as with the pens its quite thin and in fact I split a corner on first opening it to test the pens. Still, most kids have their own pencil cases, so to me this isn’t really an issue, just something to bear in mind..

Stars: five, bargain set, but quality does reflect price.
funfunfly® Kite DIY Drawing Rainbow /Girl /Boy / Colour -One Of The Best Selling Toys For Outdoor Games Activities – Good Plan For Memorable Summer Fun – This Magic Kit Comes With Paintbrush (boy)

Fun kit, comprising Kite, reel of thread to fly, and a box of oil pastels to colour it in.

The kite is made of a kind of tough plasticy fabric, it’s very light and has plastic rods to hold the shape. I’d stick a blob of glue on them to keep in place when stored, and when in use.
The oil pastels were quite soft and easy to use, and spread well over the fabric. Used lightly they let the white of the fabric show through or just go over same place to completely cover.
You can follow the printed shapes design or do your own thing – great fun for kids to make a personalised kits and stop quarrels of who owns what!!
One thing to be aware of is that oil pastels don’t dry out and bits will rub off onto fingers, clothes etc so wear old ones when painting and using. You could give a light spray varnish after use to stop pastels rubbing on things – buy from art or hardware shop or online of course!

I’ve shown some images of the pastels and how they perform but haven’t yet actually flown the kite, need a) a windy day and b) the grandkids. Can’t really fly kites from a wheelchair 😦 but hopefully this weekend we can try it out.

BTW it doesn’t come with paintbrush as advertised, but you don’t need one for these pastels.

Stars: five, good fun, but watch out for clothes and oil pastels rubbing off.

Makhry 150 Gram Assorted Vintage Bronze Metal Steampunk Jewelry Making Charms Cog Watch Wheel for Crafting, Cosplay Halloween Decoration (Bronze)

This is a fun kit, use them to sew onto steampunk costumes, make some jewellery by linking in a chain or on a leather thread for pendants or charm bracelets etc.

I’ve painting in mind for them, using in two ways. One is to use them as a stencil for watercolours to add shapes and paint round to reveal shapes, and the other, my first thought is to use them with wax.

I love painting with wax, and have done several where the wax is on board, applied thickly in layers and I’ve blended the colours and then embedded things in it.

With these I’m thinking lots of sepia, soft yellows and oranges, and maybe a bit of dark crimson for contrast. Embed a few pieces, pull out others to leave shapes behind, and maybe use some clock hands too, or small tools such as tiny screwdrivers, nails and screws, bolts etc leaving some in and using others for shapes left behind revealing under colours when object removed.

I didn’t expect them to be so heavy, they aren’t flimsy plastic but solid metal and there are lots of different prices in this collection.

Stars: five, more fun things for the craft box.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly

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