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LADY COLOUR – Cross – Bracelet for Women with Crystals from Swarovski – PARIS VOGUE collections

Product Details

If you’ve read many of my reviews you’ll know by now how I love all things sparkly and jewellery, and this beautiful bracelet combines both of these.

It comes in a pretty cream and gold presentation box, lined with a soft white suede type fabric. boxes always set of jewellery and are best when its a present, just adds t the “special” feeling.

This bracelet is really pretty, a simple dual band with a crossover effect. Its opens by way of a square type, open clip, and has tiny, circular, faceted Swarovski crystals set along the upper halves of each band that catch the light and sparkle.
The metal is nickel free , useful to know if you have allergies. Raw red patches aren’t pretty and can be very sore. I know from experience!
The metal is listed as Zinc Alloy, usually these types of braclets are silver or gold plated but this one isn’t, so if you have allergies other than nickel do take care.

Stars: five, pretty gift for anyone including yourself!

U7® Classic Venetian Chain Necklaces Platinum Plated/18K Gold Plated/Rose Gold Plated/Black Gun Plated Jewellery For Women or Men Three Size Options (22”, 18K gold plated)

Product Details

A simple mens chain in 18K gold plate.

It comes in a long, gold coloured presentation box, with a transparent front.

Its a very bright gold, with the links being flat, double squares, twisted slightly to form the pattern. Each link has got a tiny pattern of dots pressed in to it.

It has a  lobster clasp closer.

The description says the plating is 3-5 times thicker than normal but of course I’ve no way of testing that, but it sounds good and will help keep this looking stylish for some time.

The gold plating is also perfect for those with metal allergies.

It’s an attractive chain, comes in varying lengths in yellow gold. Eldest grandson has his eye on this!!


I like it for its simplicity, its got a pleasant, heavy weight feel and the way it lays flat is attractive.


Stars: five, attractive and masculine chain

JewelryPalace Women Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Anniversary Wedding Band Engagement Rings Settings 925 Sterling Silver

Product Details


This set is incredibly attractive, and to be honest unless you’re a jeweller I reckon you wouldn’t know they weren’t real diamonds. Modern gems, Cubic Zircona, crystals and lab created stones are a far cry from the paste gems that used to make up the alternatives to expensive ones.

I lost my engagement ring a couple of years after we married, my daughter in law has just lost hers and her wedding band in the sea on holiday, apparently it happens a lot so why not buy a set like this and save your cash for other things.
Money is tight for most of us, so instead of spending a couple of thousand on rings, use it for a new car, towards the mortgage, things like that which are more beneficial.
A ring is a symbol, if you try to pretend to your soon to be wife these are real it’ll say you’re a cheapskate! But if you both discuss and agree then I think its a perfect way to get that symbol but not to go into debt over it.

So, the rings – they come in a pretty velvet drawstring pouch, though I think they’d have looked better in a box. Pouches are fine for some things, but some need a box for the full effect to be appreciated.
They’re in six sizes from J to T. They’re made of sterling silver, marked S925, international symbol for silver, and that means most people with sensitive skin can wear them. Of course if you are allergic specifically to silver then you can’t, likewise if the werewolf/vampire legends are true that could be awkward 😉 If your girl thinks she’s one of them you’ve bigger issues though! The Rhodium plating means they’ll stay bright and shiny for a long time.

They match well together and fit really well with the wedding band tucking neatly under the central stone of the engagement ring. The wedding band has gems set over the top half of the ring, while the engagement ring has a large central gem that rises up from the band, surrounded by tiny ones that match the wedding band, also coming halfway round the ring.
They really do sparkle and catch the light, being multi faceted. I like that the company offers a full 100% refund too.

Stars: Five, talk to your lady first, save the money for useful things and buy these instead.


JewelryPalace Girl’s Women Square Natural Garnet Citrine Amethyst Green Emerald Peridot Created Red Ruby Sapphire Blue Topaz 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Set

Product Details

A pretty little pair of earrings, but its a shame they only come in a bag. I’ve shown them in a box I had to hand and you can see how it displays them so much better…
Still, for the price and with real semi precious gems they’re a bargain.

They come in seven different gem choices, and I’ve the blue topaz, which is a beautiful watery, transparent, pale blue. Its hard to show on the photos as the colour is so subtle but they really are very attractive.
They are a post and stud set, and made in 925 Sterling Silver . Again unless you’ve a silver allergy ( or you’re a vampire or shape shifter!!) they should be fine to wear without irritation.
They’re a very classic square style suitable for all ages and occasions

I like the .100% Refund , distance selling legislation gives some options for change of heart, this adds a bit more and shows confident in a product. .

Stars: Five, bargain priced set.

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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