Eshow Men’s Retro Canvas Travel Hiking Backpack, Brown

Eshow Men’s Retro Canvas Travel Hiking Backpack, Brown

Eshow Men's Retro Canvas Travel Hiking Backpack, Brown

A sensible sized back pack in a lovely soft khaki brown colour.

Its got a very vintage feel, with the soft brown canvas fabric, which is the sort that only looks better once its scuffed and got some worn creases.
Its also available in black, in a smarter design, that would suit office workers etc.

This has one very large main compartment, and two smaller ones via the front, all with zip closers, plus a side pocket that snaps shut, great for drinks, phone, a few coins, things you will want to access quickly.
Inside the larger main section is a padded pocket for tablets ( whoops, just typed Tables – it’d need to be big to put one of those in!!) or similar and a couple of small pockets for phone, keys, pens things like that.
I would have liked some “feet” on the base to help with the wear on it, these get put down often on all sorts of surfaces and those with small rubber or metal feet in each corner do last longer.
The zips all feel pretty robust, and the canvas is strong, but you may want to waterproof treat it if you’re going to be out in the rain a lot, as canvas sets heavy when wet and takes an age to dry! Won’t do your books, or electrics any good either…
Its got a carry handle if you prefer or some softly padded shoulder straps to use as a back pack.

A great casual bag for school, college, uni or less formal jobs.

Stars: Five, a good looking and practical bag.

karmenangel anime school bags for teen girls/boys

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Review from Jeannie’s Reviews on

A fun bag for teens, especially manga/anime fans. Its got a very teen vibe, with the bright red fabric and the anime/manga type design, and there are three types to choose from.

It’s a sensible sized back pack, with one very large main interior compartment, and two smaller ones via the front, all with zip closers, and with the upper one having an extra flap with a snap lock. That means extra security and weather protection in that one.
There are also two non fastening side pockets, great for drinks, phone, a few coins, things you will want to access quickly.
Inside the larger main section is a smaller pocket for tablets or similar and plenty of space for books. the padding though is only on the outer part, that goes against your back, not on the inner so tablets could get damaged by other things inside. Mine have robust convers anyway but if yours haven’t its something to bear in mind.
I would have liked some “feet” on the base to help with the wear on it, these get put down often on all sorts of surfaces and those with small rubber or metal feet in each corner do last longer. There’s some light padding on the shoulder straps, and there’s a carry handle but that doesn’t have any kind of padding so won’t be comfortable to use for longer periods.
The fabric is polyester and feels as if it would be water resistant, its got a sort of coating over it – useful for the UK! Zips seem reasonable for the money, not as strong as some but adequate.

A great casual bag for school, college, but it is quite lightweight and lightly padded so not one for heavy loads or all days wearing.

Stars: Five, you get what you pay for and this is a good looking but lightweight bag.

Procella Umbrella Golf Umbrella 62-Inch Large Windproof Auto Open Rain & Wind Resistant

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I often think the UK default weather setting is Rain, it seems so this year anyway, so a good quality umbrella is essential. this one fits the bill perfectly.
It opens out to a massive 62 inches, easily enough for several people. Its the biggest one I’ve had for review, I thought the 48 inch one was big but this…well it’ll easily keep everyone dry.

Of course its not just for Golfing but for any time its raining.
One thing to remember, please hold your brolly high or look around for others. My big bro who’s 6 ft 4 in was here when I was taking pics of this and he said he’s always getting poked in the face by peoples brollies so watch out for people like him, don’t assume everyone is your height!
A plea too when you see horse-riders: Please don’t suddenly pop brolly up on front of them or wave it around. That happened to me years ago when a family decided to open a huge blue and white brolly as I was passing them on a bridle slightly neurotic horse just took off….convince it was some monster out to get him. Still, we always joked he was scared of Twix packets in the hedge so I was pretty used to it..

Its very easy to open, simply click the handle and it automatically snaps fully open. That’s really useful if you’ve briefcase, bags, dogs or children with you, leaving only one hand free. No more struggling to keep hold of them and open brolly!
Folds down easily too, quick flick and then use the two Velcro straps to hold in place. It has a carry bag too. Do ensure its very dry first though or next time you’ll have a manky, mouldy brolly – eurghh.
Once opened out its a good decent size to keep you and friends, family dry. The construction means its incredibly strong and yet still really lightweight. Heavy brollies just don’t get used, as after a short while they make arms ache so this light one is perfect for all occasions.
Inside you can see the mesh layer, that’s covered by the waterproof fabric on the outer but lets the wind blow through so you’re not struggling to hold on to it on windy days. I really like that, having had inside out umbrellas in pouring rain before.
The handle is very comfortable to hold, in a kind of soft silicone material. What I’ve never noticed or thought about before is the  lightening resistant shaft and framework. Makes sense really when you’re out in a storm, with thunder and lightening you don’t want a brolly which has a metal shaft and top poking out just waiting to be hit…I wonder why traditional ones were always metal, seems daft now I think about it…
I can’t find what the fabric is, but it seems like a very densely woven silky type material, and looks good. It comes in six different colours, all with matching covers.

Stars: Five, excellent for British summers. Its raining now as I’m looking out the window – its 2nd Sept and its freezing today – was beautiful yesterday but now it really looks like autumn.

Yoofor 5kg / 1g Kitchen Food Scale with LCD Display, Stainless Steel, Black

For years I didn’t  have any kitchen scales…it made cooking something of an adventure and the results a little…strange. Still, I managed without , but some months ago got a set similar to this. Its made a massive difference to cakes ect which pleases the grandkids, no more volcano buns or biscuit type birthday cakes. Of course for weight control weighing food is a good idea and I was surprised at what some portions weighed….

They come in a well packaged box, easy to undo, no awful plastic shrink wrap type that nearly takes off fingers when undoing. Its smaller than the one I have, with a sleek brushed steel appearance. Being so small and folding up they can either tuck away in a drawer or hang up ready to use.
Its easy to clean, no hidden corners or awkward to get to parts, just wipe over the surface and its done.It’s made from high-quality stainless steel so looks good in ,mist kitchens.

I can’t find max weight but these usually go up to 5kg, though for most cooking you won’t need more than 1kg. (doh, just seen the heading – yep, 5kg)
I love the way they open out, it means you can weight things in the largest of bowls and is something really useful. Makes them practical as well as attractive. for me function comes first but aesthetics are important.
The weights come in a variety of displays, metric or imperial and liquids in ml or fl.  Its easy to change from one to another, simply press until the desired reading is shown.

What I really like best is that you can add a bowl to the scale, and then set to zero, meaning when adding ingredients to the bowl only the additions get measured. Example: place mixing bowl on scale, zero, add sugar and the weight of the sugar only is displayed. You can zero again and add next ingredients so all you need is the mixing bowl. Saves on washing up 😉 and I’m all for that.

Stars: Five, practical and pretty.

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.



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