speakers, headphones and a smartband today


Grandson number one is after a new speaker, his sister is always telling him off for “borrowing” hers, especially when he doesn’t charge it again….
Teen wars, familiar to any parent of teenagers. He seized on these two before I’d had time to take pics, and soon had them connected to his phone and playing.

HiFi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, Anypro Wireless Waterproof / Shower Speaker(IP67), Enhanced Deep Bass, High Fidelity, Smart Power Saving, Dual-Driver, HFD-985

Product Details


He seized on this before I’d had time to take pics, and soon had it connected to his phone and playing. Is it that easy for non tech people like me though – well, yes it is.
It hadn’t been charged but clearly the anti flat battery stuff works, where it switches off after 20 mins of non  use as it worked straight out of the box.
I used my kindle fire, switched both on, asked the fire to search and it was done. the speaker gives you voice prompts telling you what’s happening too and that’s always useful.
Sound quality seemed good to me, instead of tinny music from the Fire I had  soothing, non irritating music. Played around with different tracks and all sounded good.
Its got a smart clean appearance, in matt black and silver, with clear, sensible controls on the top.
The back where the cables go in and out is protected by a rubber seal and there are warnings to ensure this is very tightly fixed near water but it has an IP rating of 67. that means 6 for dust, the highest level possible and 7 for water which is just 2 down for the highest, in can be immersed in water up to 1m in depth – though I wouldn’t want to try it!! S its pretty safe to take outside or use in the shower.

You can use it as a battery bank too – very useful if you’re away from home and your phone has died.
It has NFc capability too – something I’ve seen on my phone but had no idea what it is til now. Wiki says its Near-field communication (NFC) is a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them within about 4 cm (2 in) of each other I’ve not tried that out but its there if it interests you.

It is more expensive than some but for ease of use and sound quality I think its worth it. Its not going to compare with those costing hundreds of course – as nan used to say “you can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear” and this isn’t up to that bracket but I’m happy with it – and so will grandson number one be 😉 when he gets his hot little hands on it. they love me reviewing things!

Stars: Five, It looks good, has some useful extras and has great performance.


Mindkoo Wireless Mini Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth V4.0 Speaker (Silver)


It was easy to pair, and the sound quality was very good. He and I have different musical tastes but it all sounded clear and vibrant.
The appearance is good, a smart brushed silver case with black mesh type from and solid back. I really like the curved top – suits my kind of aesthetics, with a kind of subtle minimalist feel. It also comes in a matt grey.
Its quite heavy so though you could tuck in a pocket and take with you it may be more suitable for home use, or when at a party or BBQ or something.
It packs a loud volume for such a little device and when you reach max it plays a quick sound to let you know that’s as far as you can go.
Power button, USB and audio jack sockets are are on the reverse with the volume as a switch on the top. Simple press one side for up and the other for down. Neat and compact, I like that there aren’t hundreds of different buttons to play around with ( Ok hundreds is an exaggeration but some speakers have so many buttons its hard to work out which one does what. This simple style ifs far better IMO)
As well as Bluetooth it can be used via wired jacks, so for devices without Bluetooth ( I still have some such as my pc!) that is useful too. There’s also a USB cable supplied for charging though most households have plenty now 😉 We’ve got them everywhere – I swear they breed…
I didn’t test the full 10 m range but for around my house, one room to another, kitchen to outside it was fine.
Stars: Five, a smart, compact speaker with great sound.

Mindkoo Bluetooth Headphones Over-ear Stereo Wireless Headphones with Microphone (Black)

Well presented and smart set of headphones.
Great price if you want them for young kids, as they are adjustable and “proper” kids headsets cost much more. They look good in an attractive matt black and silver design.

I had some issues pairing it to my phone, troubleshooting suggested not enough charge on them, charged them up via my pc  and all was fine, they paired easily. My poor phone, a simple LG Spirit,  gets used for all these testings and the Bluetooth list really needs sorting, its got so many devices on it 😉 .
Sound is good, crisp and clear and they’re great for hands free calls and music while on the go. I had them on for about two hours yesterday, and they remained comfortable to wear though my ears did get a bit warm. That wasn’t uncomfortavble though, they weren’t hot and sweaty as with others I’ve tried.

I prefer over ear headphones to the in ear ones, they feel so much more secure, and these are very comfortable and perform well. Its no good having the best sound if you can’t bear to wear them for long 😉
As well as blue tooth they have the usual wired jacks, so for devices without Bluetooth ( I still have some such as my pc!) that is useful too. There’s also a USB cable supplied for charging though most households have plenty now 😉 We’ve got them everywhere – I swear they breed…
The headband slides up and down to adjust for comfort, is lightly padded over head section and the earpieces have decent padding too.

Stars: Five, All in all a set that looks good, performs well and is a great price.


Smart Bracelet, HuiHeng ID107 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Tracker for Android iOS Smartphone






I’ve seen people wearing different types of these and wanted to try one, so this offer was timely.

This is the second one I’ve tried, and its not so bulky as the first one, a big, big plus for me. Looks much more like a watch, rather than a huge rectangle strapped to my wrist.


Its smart looking, in a sleek matt black, with a glossy display, and has two tabs to close that slot firmly into the holes on other side, but doing that while its on your wrist isn’t easy. It needs to be closely attached, but as its hard to do up unless I put finger underneath for added pressure, it tends to slide on my arm…as it needs to fit closely that’s difficult. It does have an additional safety strap though for if it comes undone, something the first one I tried lacked, and which led to me combing the garden when I lost it a couple of days ago. Fortunately I realised quite soon what had happened.


Still, how’s it work? Haven’t a clue how it does it, but it measures various things and displays either via the smart band or your phone or similar that’s paired to it. I’m awful at IT so attempted pairing etc with trepidation but it was simple, I very quickly had it paired.

I’ve found QR codes difficult to do via camera in past but gave ut a whirl and it worked. It then took me to the app-store and I downloaded the app to my phone. You can just go to app store and do it that way – the instructions are pretty good and tell you to look for Veryfit, a red box with large white F .


Once synched to device I can see measurements on both easily. Oddly though instead of tapping the home page it was a side swipe and it took me a while to find that out…also it calls Pairing Binding which confused me for a couple of seconds.

Linking/synching to phone once set up is done by tapping the chain link on the top right of the app. Again I was looking for the circle arrows symbol. Still, once used to the small differences like that its easy, even for a non tech person like myself.

It does keep a record of data so you can compare past results with present ones.


Steps is something I find funny, I’m a wheelchair user so I guess it works on body movement, but its great in that it does give me some idea of how active ( or not!) I am. I’m puzzled at how few calories I use related to steps, and that both devices give different results. I guess that’s related to my level of activity, sedentary…

As with the first one I’ve set an alarm on it so that it buzzes if I’m inactive between 7 am and 10 pm, for over 45 mins and that’s working. Hopefully it’ll give me a bit of push to do more exercise, always good, even if its only waving my arms around, ans twisting my waist…

I’m currently wearing both one the same arm to compare and they measure steps differently. Today this one says I’ve done 990 steps while the other says 1141?

Sleep seems closer though, with this saying I had 7.5 hrs of sleep, broken down into 59 mins deep sleep, 4hrs 53 mins shallow sleep and 1hr 38 mins “waking sleep” I guess that means when I was awake 🙂 It was a bad night for sleep, but that totals 5hrs 52 mins. The other say for the same period 5 hrs 37 mins of sleep so reasonably close, I can’t get breakdown on that til later in the day – I’ve no idea why but that’s how its been in the week I’ve had it. I have noticed that if I’m sitting quietly reading my kindle both devices think I’m asleep occasionally. Setting the alarm to remind me to move should help that.


I’ve used it as a wake up alarm too, it buzzes gently, a much better way of waking for me than any kind of music or audible devices.

It buzzes when I’ve a call on my phone or a text which is handy if I’ve put my phone down in another room ( I know, I promised the kids I’d keep it one me at all times for safety but sometimes I put it down without thinking!) It also measures heart rate – though I have no idea how accurate that is. May be useful for those in training to see how exercise is affecting their body.

I haven’t quite worked out the camera part yet. I’m not really sure why I’d use it rather than just get phone out? Perhaps I’m missing some info here – if anyone knows please put me right. I recall when mobiles were new wondering why on earth anyone would send a text – now I’m always doing it 😉 so could be same kind of thing.


The on/off switch doubles as control command, and I found it much easier than the switch on the other. I liked too that the time was auto set, really useful instead of working my way round the clock by way of single presses!


  • Activity Tracker: – well its tracking activity some way and the buzzer is useful reminder for me.
  • Heart Rate. Useful for those in training
  • Sleep Monitoring: – good but I’d like the breakdown to show me times as the other one does i.e. 11.55  til 12.36 shallow sleep 12.36 til 1.45 deep sleep 12.36 til 2.45 awake. ( Awake, not waking sleep…)
  • Loss Prevention Reminder: Very useful though not tested, also buzzes when I get a call or text.
  • Phone Call Reminder: See above.
  • Synchronize data: I’ve got data synched to my phoned, refreshing on phone updates t latest data but I’m not really sure how to read it all and if I’ve set it up right. Its needs some playing around with especially for an IT phobic person like me, but its a fun device with some useful features.


One big problem I can foresee is the charger, it has its own which locks on to the back of the device. Its easy to use, connects via USB socket but if you lose it – well, its useless, and things like that are so easy to misplace. I really prefer a straight USB charger. Add in the issues with the studs fixings and that’s lost it a star.

Stars: Four, plusses and minuses on function but sort out strap fixing and charger and this would be five stars.

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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