Bomber Jacket, Woven Fabric Belt, Overlength Cardigan Sweater

BAISHENGGT Women’s Vintage Classic Zip Up Flight Biker Bomber Jacket Cardigan Tops
Product Details
This is a great jacket for autumn/spring days when you want something lighter. Its a silky feel fabric and in a double layer, with a silky lining so will help keep wind out, and be ok in light showers I’d think. Beth really likes it, she’s 15, 5ft 2ins tall and usually would have a medium/size 8. I ordered XL, which according to the size chart equates to an L, and it does look as though it would fit someone a bit larger, depending on how loose you like to wear it. I’m a 16-18 and its tight on the arms and across the back for me though would do up. Beth’s claimed it, though she’d rather have had the black version…tough, i love the Army Green and was hoping ( I know I’m an optimist!) that it would fit me…It also comes in Moss Green, Grey Green and Wine, and in S,M and L as well as the XL I have.
Its got a nice, solid black zip up the front, a matching cross zip over left breast area and one down the left sleeve, as well as two side pockets. The cuffs and hem have a deep ribbed cuff, great for keeping wind out or as Beth always does, pushing partway up the arm. she hates clothes round her wrist.
Its a lovely fabric, I’m really fussy about the feel of things and this is gorgeous, and the double layer will help give warmth without weight. It says hand wash only, I hate that and would try wool/gentle wash in machine but line dry, not tumble. Life’s too short for hand washing and I find most things are OK on a cool, gentle wash. Its a risk though and one each person needs to decide. For me the time and effort saved is worth it and its not let me down yet.


Martell Intl. Mens Belt – Elasticated Woven Fabric Belt – part of the ‘Premium Collection’ (Includes Protective Belt Bag and Presentational Gift Box)
Product Details

This belt comes in an attractive box, with a brown soft woven  paper bag inside to put the belt in. Really makes it look a special gift.

It comes in six colours, five single coloured and a blue/beige stripe one that looks very summery, all have a silver coloured buckle.
The buckle is reasonably heavy, has a lovely shine to it and  feels quite robust. The belt is a close woven fabric, like a kind of embroidery thread yarn, woven into a plait and then further woven to form a four plait belt. the buckle and far end are both finished with a leather type material.
I can’t find info on either belt or buckle materials other than polyester and rubber, so it could be leather, could be a substitute.
The belt doesn’t have pre made holes, you just push through the plaits to where you want them. Personally I prefer pre made holes but that’s down to individuals, and this works well. Its not as long as many belts, so take note of that before you order. There’s clearly elastic/rubber woven into the fabric as it has lots of stretch and though measuring 107 cm from end to end, not including buckle, will stretch to 140 cm, though I’m not sure how confortable that would be to wear 😉
The belt is fixed firmly to the buckle,  and there’s a fixed loop to hold any excess  belt for the skinny people!

Its a really attractive belt, looks good from both sides and is well finished but I’m not sure how well it would stand up to long term use. I think its more a belt for dressy days – men or women – rather than every day.

Azbro Women’s Long Sleeve Figure Overlength Cardigan Sweater

Product Details

Being in a wheelchair I do feel the cold badly in winter, so this cardi will be perfect for me.
I’m a 16-18 and its Ok in size, could be a bit looser for preference, but it doesn’t do up and is fine to just sip on and snuggle into. Not comfortable for my daughter, who’s a size 20-22 top, and really best for those 16 and under in size, though it will fit people a little larger – like me….
Its much thicker than I expected and feels really soft. Sometimes these cardis are thin and scratchy, this isn’t its soft and warm. I’m very fussy about the feel of fabrics and garments and this is perfect for me.
I love the colour and design, I like greys and blacks, very neutral colours that go with so many things. Its got ribbed cuffs and ribbing round collar and down the front. Weirdly there’s two pockets which would have been really handy if they hadn’t been sewn up….I guess I could unpick and re-stitch, but doubt I’ll bother. They just would have been a useful extra.
The black part of the material/wool is a kind of fluffy mohair effect and adds to the individuality of the garment.
I’m really pleased with it, its cold today and its going on in a bit!
It says hand wash only, as garments so often do ;-( I hate that, and as its acrylic it should be fine, so I would try wool/gentle wash in machine but line dry, not tumble. Life’s too short for hand washing and I find most things are OK on a cool, gentle wash. Its a risk though and one each person needs to decide. For me the time and effort saved is worth it and its not let me down yet.

Stars: Five, love it, warm and comfy .

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.



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