jasmine flower tea ball, Mermaid Tail Blanket, unusual bath “mat”

16 Handmade Blooming Jasmine Flower Hi Tea Flowering Green Tea Ball Home Wedding Favour

16 Handmade Blooming Jasmine Flower Hi Tea Flowering Green Tea Ball Home Wedding Favor

I’ve seen these advertised before and they look so pretty but I’ve never tried any. I’m not a great tea drinker, coffee mostly or ordinary PG tips type occasionally but sometimes I like a change and have enjoyed ones like ginger and lemongrass, nettle and blackberry and blackcurrant or similar.
I remember many years ago – about 50 – when stuff like this was considered “hippy” and only available from health food shops I tried some rose hip but put milk and sugar in it…eurghh…now I have them with a little sugar if needed but no milk 🙂

Well, I’ve not got a glass teapot and this needs to be fully appreciated so I used a glass cafetiere. Put the ball in, added boiling water and left. The ball gradually unfolds and is so pretty, its a real conversation piece. The tea tastes very delicate, I had to put sugar in as it seemed bitter to me without, but that’s taste and I have sugar in ordinary tea. I let it steep for about 5 mins but even after 15 or so it still wasn’t “stewed” tasting, but fresh and light.
Its something that would be special after a romantic meal, or with an afternoon tea treat. ( I tried violet tea out for a high tea with friends earlier this year. Decided I like to look and smell violets rather than drink them…)

Its 100% natural so no additives, and of course green tea is supposed to be very good for you.
I don’t think you’d want to drink this daily as its a little expensive for that but for a treat, for a special tea with friends, and as a gift its just perfect. of course you may feel you’re worth a daily treat and compared to a box of cigarettes these are so much cheaper and good for you. try this as a stress reliever instead.

They come individually wrapped in pretty red and gold cellophane parcels, so each one stays fresh. You could hang them as xmas decorations with a difference, use as home made cracker gifts, wedding or party favours, any special occasion.

Stars: Five, gorgeous to look at , delicate to drink and a real treat.

Yowao Mermaid Tail Blanket with Fish-scale Pattern – All Seasons Knitted Blanket, Sleeping Bag, 190x90cm (74.86″x35.46″) (Blue Lake)

This is great fun and perfect for snuggling on cold winter days. Not just for kids but for adults too.
Its so big that I tucked my feet ( foot!) in and it still reaches up to my neck. Roxy approves too – she soon snuggled her doggy body on it!
The “tail” section stops partway so you can spread the top section right round and really snuggle in. Beth and Bren tried it – room for them both there but Bren decided it was a bit girly…

Its made of polyester, feels like a very soft acrylic type wool, and its thicker than I thought it would be.
The scales are a nice touch, actually woven into the pattern and raised adding texture, and the tail is a kind of ribbed pattern.
I’ve seen lots of mermaid blankets recently, but not many feature this scales pattern and it just gives an extra touch and feeling of something a bit different from just a snuggly blanket. Snuggle in and dream of summer days on the beach.

It says hand wash, but as readers of my reviews know I hate doing that, life is far too short, so I’d put it in a cool wool wash or similar, and I’d probably hang over airer or radiator if the weather is not nice enough to hang outside. I might even put it in the dryer! I can’t see that would be an issue. Polyester is a tough fabric. Ultimately its your choice, whether you want to risk it shrinking or play safe 🙂

Stars: Five, a thick and fun extra cosy for winter days.

MOBIE Extra Long Non Slip Absorbent Diatomite Bath Mats & Rugs Mould & Mildew Resistant, Easy To Clean Hard Duckboard [Energy Class A+++]

MOBIE Extra Long Non Slip Absorbent Diatomite Bath Mats & Rugs Mold & Mildew Resistant, Easy To Clean Hard Duckboard

Well, bath mats are always useful, and when i saw this for review I didn’t read the full listing..just said yes please. So when this heavy, solid parcel arrived I was astonished. What could it be?
I wasn’t really wiser when I opened it til I saw the info included and realised This was my “bath mat”!!

Its incredible though, no more soggy smelly mats that get left on the floor, just put one of these down, step on and that’s it.
No slipping, its got great grip for feet and dries within minutes, no need to hang to dry, no need to run through washing machine.

Its perfect for bathrooms where anyone is like me a bit unsteady on their feet (foot!) and at risk of slipping on conventional mats.
Its great if you hate having soggy mats in the bathroom, they take ages to dry, need washing frequently and if they’re a bit damp when you get out of the shower as someone else has been there just before you, they feel horrible, all clammy and icky. This though is dry each time and feels kind of warmish to touch, room temp rather than a cold slab, and its so easy to clean.. Just rinse periodically under the tap and that’s it.
It does say you may need to lightly rub surface with a little glass-paper – and that’s supplied too – if it stops being quite so absorbent. I assume that because of grease/residue from skin maybe coats the surface? That’s simple enough to do though.

Though its for bathrooms, its useful by kitchen sinks if you don’t have a dishwasher and water gets spilled when you’re washing/drying plates etc.
I’ve got it under Roxy’s water bowl, it’s great for stopping the constant slops of water around it when she drinks. I then wheel through them and my wheelchair spreads it, plus the dirt from wheels over the floor.
Since I’ve put this down its been perfect.

Stars: Five, effective and practical mat

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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