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Lsmore 2.4G Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set Combo for Desktop Compact 386.35*119.52*25.8mm Dimension Black

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I love my kindle fire for quick connection and lookups but for main browsing, ordering, writing its my old desktop PC that gets used all the while. I’ve got a Logitech ergonomic keyboard, I love it but everyone else hates it….its noisy though so this one, billed as whisper quite keys was intriguing.

I found it quite hard to use, because its so different to my curved and shaped one- you get used to what you use frequently though and if I stuck with this new one I’m sure I’d soon pick it up.
As it is its now my spare, for when the kids stay, to stop them groaning about mine! I’ve had wireless keyboards and mice for many years now and don’t know why anyone still uses wired ones, these are so much more convenient.

The keyboard is a traditional shaped one, sleek and thin, especially compared to my current one, and the keys were far, far quieter than mine, though perhaps “whisper quiet” is a little too much to describe them. Its attractive and comes in four colours. I have the black, with a smart light blue contrast writing.
The mouse is simple and easy to use and hold. It moves around easily and its very, very quick and responsive.
My tower sites beside my desk so range wasn’t tested, but as soon as I took receiver out of the rear of the mouse and plugged, and switched on the keyboard and mouse, they were ready to use.
Nothing else to do, no programmes to download and run, no dvds to insert and read, just a real “plug and play” set. I wish all PC stuff was like thins *sigh* its so so easy.

Batteries were included ( hurrah, saves all that searching and disappointment when you find you haven’t got the right ones), as was a handy dustcover for the keyboard.

Double Sided Clocks Ailiebhaus Antique European-style Garden Station Clock Outdoor Wall Clock



This is a really attractive clock, reminds me so much of those ones that used to be in railway stations, and is perfect in a garden like mine, large and rambling with a very old stone house.

Its very sturdy, feels well made and simply unlatches at the side to reveal two standard clock connectors inside each half. They need batteries ( not supplied ) so check that when you order this. Add the batteries, set the clock manually, hang up and job done.
The only comment I can make is I’d have like to have seen a rubber seal around where the two halves close, without it, it can let moisture in though it won’t touch the clock parts.
It comes in a rich warm brown with a creamy “old” looking clock face.
The display is clear and easy to read, and this would look perfect in many gardens. The clock face swivels round so that you can set it in the garden and wherever you are in relation to it you should be able to see the time without moving too far.
The brackets are the wrought iron type and match the clock really well, both in colour and style.

It only comes in brown, but that’s a perfect colour for it, I can’t imagine it in another colour…

Stars: Five. Perfect gift for gardeners

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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