Food containers and a pop up tent/cabana

Food Storage Containers,Bellaware Extra Large Plastic Airtight Food Storage Containers, with 4 Small Containers, Set of 5 (Rectangular)

This set comes in three choices, I’ve the one large and four smaller equal size combo but you can also have a stacking size combo in square or rectangular.

They’re pretty simple, snap lock containers in food grade plastic, useable in freezer or microwave ( but Not conventional ovens!) and dishwasher safe- poor me- I don’t have one of these but they clean easily by hand. They are guaranteed leak-proof, very essential when you’re travelling. I’ve tried that and its correct. the rubber seal inside seems to stop any leakage.

I’m using a couple of the smaller ones for raw meat in freezer right now having stuck a sticky label on so I know what’s in them.
They’re also useful for leftovers in fridge, for keeping raw meat apart from other items ( essential for food safety and to avoid poisoning) Use the big one to keep bread fresh, or to store cakes and biscuits ( not together…doesn’t do either any favours) and the small ones for different fruits and veg, to make salads such as pasta and rice for lunches, for sandwiches for kids to take to school.
They’re easy to open, just flick up sides and easy to close in the same way.
For people such as me with hand issues its perfect, usual ones mean trying to prise up a corner and I just cant do it.
Having had similar ones in past I know the seals last ages, but do take care to ensure that part washed well if you’re washing by hand.

They are expensive – that’s all I’m going to say about price. I’ve seen cheaper ones, whether they are as good, last as long I don’t know.
Ultimately its your choice, bearing in mind my nan’s old adage of “cheap always comes dear in the end” – she died in 1960 though, and cheap has taken on a new concept since then, and it is possible to get bargains, but equally possible to do what she warned against, buy cheap, find it doesn’t last and end up spending more than if you’d bought decent stuff in the first place.
Nan would have one quality item, mum went on the quantity rather than quality motto. Having grown up with both I find I side with nan, have less but have quality.

Stars: Five, perfect air and liquid tight containers.
Multicolor Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent- UV 50+ Protection Portable Outdoor Tent,Kids Play Tent,Sun Shelter For Outdoor and Indoor Use- Fits up to 2 Adults + Kids+ Free Shoes Bags

This is great for the beach, its very light and easy to carry, and it comes in a circular, zipped bag, same washable fabric as the tent. Comes in five colours so if the kids all want their own, no confusion.

This has some UV protection on the fabric ( description says Special silver coated fabric around the full coverage to ensure that the coverage area of Anti-UV effects.50+) which is useful especially if you’ve babies or toddlers. Their skin is so delicate and vulnerable. I’d still slather them in a high factor cream though and use this as additional protection not instead of creams and lotions. The whole of the interior is coated in this silver covering.
It has four metal pegs to help secure it in the ground. Being lightweight means it will blow away easily if its a breezy day, but the pegs will hopefully hold it. The mesh section at the back helps too, by letting air through and that also  helps keep inside cooler. Given its larger than others I’ve had though and they are so lightweight I think six, or even 8 pegs would be better. Others have pockets for sandbags too which helps keep the tent stable. We’ve some pretty fierce winds on the beach at times and these are little extras that can make  a huge difference. I’ve taken a star off as I do think this large size needs more. You can of course put some beach stones in but a little though first would make that necessary.

The real fun is the way it assembles, just take it out of the zipped pouch and it does just what it says, pop up. Stand well back though, especially younger children and its very quick! Putting it away takes a bit of practice but if you keep in mind it kind of folds into a figure 8 then over, then it takes just seconds to fold and zip back in back.

It is so light and easy to carry that it means its so easy to take it with you on a beach trip, on a picnic, a trip to the woods so for younger kids you’ve an instant play tent.
Its a great place for snacks too, a clean floor to sit on, no dirt to get in sandwiches, fruit or cakes, and helps prevent flies and wasps getting in. They’re quite scary for young kids when they buzz round food so this is a great bonus, especially if you put a trap such as a pot of sugar water outside to divert them.
If you’ve toddlers and babies it gives a shady place for them to nap too.

Youngest grandson Brennan will love this on the beach, he loves being there but has very sensitive skin, often has patches of eczema that gets irritated by the sand, so at least he can rinse it off and sit inside while eating or to rest his skin for a while.
Of course its a great play tent in the garden, or inside if you’ve the space. We’ve three pop up tents now (four with this one) and the grandkids love to get them all out and play houses, shops, vets etc giving them each a specific designation. Then when its time top pack away five minutes and everything’s done!

Stars: Four, great fun for kids and practical for the beach, extra attention to securing and this would be a five.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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