Attractive backpack and a new gel nails dryer

YUHAN® Professional Portable SUN9S 24W LED UV Gel Lamp Nail Dryer,-Lumcrissy Auto Sensing Curing for Acrylic Gelish Shellac, LED UV Nail Gel with LCD Display, and Upgraded with Timer Setting,Nail Art, Painting, Salon Tools, compatible with Fingernail & Toenail [Support USB Charging Sun Light Technology More Safer than Traditional UV Nail Art Dryer] (White)

I discovered the world of gel nails last year when asked to review one of these. Never had mine done in a salon, but love nail varnish. Sadly I rarely used it as I found it chipped after just a day or so, I’m not a careful person.
Gel nails though are strong, and last ages and I’m addicted to them 🙂 I find with a base and top coat and two coats of colour they can easily last 10-14 days on hands, longer on feet.

Up to now I thought the last dryer was my favourite, it let me get my whole hand in (You’ll see in pics my rings turned upside down. I never remember to take them off and have no idea how UV affects the stones so I turn them round – will look it up one day !)
This dryer though is by far the best. Its roomy and so easy to use, just plug in and tuck hands under and the sensor picks them up, starts dryer and displays time in the top.

I don’t know about the difference in ultra violet banding, but I did notice that it dries far better and quicker. With my old lamp the gel stayed tacky between layers and the final coat was softish and I needed to be careful for a couple of hours after using. Not doing things like gardening, or rubbing hands dry on a towel- that sort of thing, not just normal use. With this the gel seems far harder much quicker – though as usual I still managed to smudge the corners on two fingers, but that could have been before they were placed in dryer – I just didn’t notice.
It seemed very quick, I gave base coats 30 seconds, colour 90 and top coat 90. To be honest timing is still something I’m working out, different sites say different times, but I’d rather go for a few seconds longer and be sure.

I was looking for an on switch, did try pressing the display etc til I realised you need to place your hand fully in for the sensor to pick up, not just finger tips. I like that I can get my whole hand in and not have to do thumbs separately, its when things take too long I get impatient and ruin the effect.
I’ve usually got my kindle on the go while I’m doing nails so its easier to be patient that way than if I was just waiting, doing nothing.

I don’t foresee any issues, but as always if there are I’ll update this review. I’m currently very pleased with how my nails look, and how the device performs an d its become my preferred choice dryer now.

Stars: Five, efficient and practical dryer

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Vintage Fashion Canvas Backpacks School Bags Casual Daypacks Laptop Backpack for High School Black

I really like the look of this backpack, with its patterned detailing. It comes in three different colour choices and is a roomy, attractive and practical bag.

As always with canvas its a good idea to use a waterproofing treatment on it if you’re going to be using it in wet weather. Its a pretty dense weave canvas, and does have what looks like a water resistant interior but extra always helps and wet canvas is heavy! Though its classed as a school bag its suitable for any age and a very attractive change from some of the more mundane ones around. Easier to find yours too if its in a pile with others.

Its a decent size and the interior opens out to fit lots in. I’ve friends who use backpacks instead of handbags and they’re always ready for impromptu purchases that way!
Its got two outer pockets for drinks ect, a large zipped outer compartment and the roomy interior which has padded section for electricals plus others for pens, books, phone and keys etc.
It has a carry handle or adjustable shoulder straps. Both the shoulder straps and the actual back of the bag are padded and have mesh helping to avoid sweating and making it comfortable to carry even when full of books etc.
The fabric feels very strong, that water resistant looking interiors will be useful if it is – I’ll try that out sometime –and the stitching and zips look pretty robust and up to some rough treatment – we all know how schoolbags especially get thrown around and dropped rather than careful treatment 😉

I really like the look of this bag, it marries practicality with an attractive appearance. The contrast fabric really lifts the design, and I’m sure this will soon be claimed by one of the family.

Stars: Five, an attractive and roomy bag.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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