LED Landscape Projector, Wireless Sport Headphones

Aoso M21 Wireless Sport Headphones Magnetic Earbuds Sweatproof Bluetooth 4.1 Earphones Stereo In-Ear Headphones with Mic & APT-X, for Gym Running Exercising Biking Calling Phones – Black

These feel decent quality, not cheap and flimsy, and are attractive to look at, being a simple, neutral black. Bright ones suit some people, others want something like this, more discreet. The description describes them as sweat proof and durable, so I would imagine they are fine in light showers, though that’s not been tested.

I found these very comfortable, easy to wear and that they stayed in situ whilst using them. The ear brace thing took some working out though. If they keep sliding out when out running or biking, I’d clip the wire to something on clothes – just in case 🙂

I found them very easy to connect. I followed the instructions given and they quickly paired to my phone, LG Spirit.
You can have them paired to two phones which is useful.
They’re easy to charge via the cable supplied, simply click open the plastic tag on the control section on the neck cords and attach the mini usb to the headset and the other end to pc or a phone/kindle charger.

I like that the controls are on the neck cord rather than the ear bud, I find it difficult to get the right bit when they’re on ear section, this way is so much simpler!
They’ve  a magnet function to pause/interrupt calls and music, I’m not entirely certain of the purpose, but is does mean they clip together round neck if you want to take them off. I’ve always thought magnets should be kept away from phones – not sure if that’s correct, but just in case don’t keep them in the same pocket or bag.
They have a decent battery life too, so should be fine for a full working day.

Functionally the music is pretty clear, and it retrieves calls very well.
I tried a couple of favourites ( REM) via my phone and tried out the call function using another phone.
Personally I prefer over the head type but for sports and work its useful with these sort of ear buds, for example being able to use them whilst wearing ear defenders as they fit inside, and that really useful when doing monotonous work such as lawn mowing!!

Stars: Five, simple and useful.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

LED Landscape Projector, Homecube Moving Solar Lighting Waterproof Garden Tree and Wall Spotlight Motion Decoration Christmas Party, Holiday Lighting with USB Controller,Red+Green

I love solar lights, got loads of them round the garden now so was interested to see this, something a bit different.

Both light and solar panel have stakes to fix in the ground, and there’s a decent cable length so you can find the best place to catch sunlight. There’s also a USB charging option, useful in winter/xmas when daylight it limited.
I’ve noticed recently with the rainy days and lack of sun that my solar lights haven’t lasted long each night. If you want it to light up the house or garden at xmas that function could come in very useful. The solar panel is a very large one so should catch plenty of light.

It covers a large area, depending on how far back from where you want it to show it is. It can be left as constant on or flashing. The images shown online are a little misleading, they show in in blues and violets but its not, its just red and green. You could try taping some clear coloured cellophane over the front of the lamp if you want different colours maybe – Quality Street or Roses wrappers!!
The lights are very bright and clear, and can cover a large area and those colours are very apt for Christmas, though I like lights anytime! Its so easy to set up, attach the stakes, poke into the ground where you want them and switch on. I did find one of the stakes wasn’t very close fit and wobbled but that’s easily remedied or you can screw the device to a wall.

Stars: Five, fun for xmas

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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