Mini Smart Android Projector, 3D Printer Drawing Pen

Aodin Mini Smart Android Projector-Slim Wireless Portable Pocket Cell Home Cinema-Kodi & Netflix Support-Miracast Airplay-Hdmi &USB-Built-in Dual WiFi&Bluetooth with Vertical Keystone Correction

This device was tested by son in law and grandchildren. I wasn’t sure of the point of it at first, now having seen their videos I think its a great idea, and if you don’t want a tv dominating the room just have one of these tucked in a drawer ready to use when needed. I’d certainly go that route if I need a TV replacement. The grandkids Loved it, avidly grabbed it to use and had some real fun. They’ve got friends with one – its seems a real Teen Must Have item right now.
This is their words on it, and there’s also a talk through by grandson number one on the videos.

It is very easy to setup just power it up, adjust the focus and you can read and navigate the menu very easily. You can adjust the screen size by moving the projector closer or further away from the wall you want it on. It will screen well on plain walls, but you can also close curtains and use those, or as grandson no 1 did, project it on to the ceiling so he could lie in bed playing Minecraft!!

We set the xbox up on it via hdmi, click the hdmi icon and away we went. We could also connect Sky to it. The remote works well but has to be aimed at the projector. No batteries supplied.
Phones linked to it via bluetooth easy.However it did not like IPhone though, guessing it is because the projector runs on Android.
You need to add better speakers to get louder sound as the built in speaker was very quiet. As other reviewers mentioned the fan is quite noisy.
All in all seems like a good device.

Stars: Five, a simple, easy to use device that’s going to be used such a lot.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.
3D Pen 2016 Newest, Blusmart Intelligent 3D Printer Drawing Pen with Safety Holder and Free Filaments for Painting Creation and Doodling, Color Grey

So this looked fun, I’d never used one before, never even seen one though I have seen 3D printers online – its still hard to get my head around that, keep thinking of paper printers!

Anyway, I’m not great at tech but opened the box, followed instructions and soon had a little 3D circle with a couple of crossbars on it made. With practice you can make all sorts of things, and like most things the more you practice the better you get.

It really is easy to use, instructions are simple to follow and diagrams show what each button does so I had no issues working it.
My 6 year old youngest grandson is keen to try it when he’s here next. With younger children you will need to supervise as of course the “nib” does get very hot.
You will need to buy more filaments too, there’s a couple of reels provided to get you started but they don’t last long. I haven’t looked at availability but I don’t think they’ll be hard to get.

Its a fun gadget for kids and adults.

Stars: Five, fun and easy to use.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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