RC jeep and battery candles

RC Cars, Mengk 1/24 Scale Remote Control Cars, Electric Off-road 2.4Ghz 4WD High Speed RC Trucks / Buggy S608

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The grandkids love remote control toys like this, but we’ve had a few that just don’t live up to performance. This one is great though, easy to use (even for nan!!) and what I really like is the availability of parts. That means when bits break – as they inevitably do – its easy to replace and have jeep up and running again.

This is for youngest grandsons birthday – he’s younger than the recommended 14 years of age, but dad or older siblings will be helping him, and he will love it.  He is very good at RC devices.
That did mean though that to keep it hidden for the next couple of weeks I needed to do testing myself, not the grandkids who usually do things like this for me, and my control over these isn’t the greatest!
I can’t do video games either…so bear that in mind when you watch the video. I was trying to control the jeep and hold phone to record at the same time…There are other videos in reviews that show how well it performs far better.
For someone who’s useless at these devices I had no issues getting it up and running, adjusting steering etc and getting it whizzing round the house, over carpets and rugs, onto hard floors and over the bit of wood in doorway between kitchen and dining room that sticks my wheelchair every time.
Shame I can’t connect that up to something like this, save me getting tipped out when the wheels hit the wood and stop and I don’t! I did have some issues finding reverse so did what I should have done first and read the manual….does anyone ever do that before trying stuff out?

It looks good, its great fun and even though Bren is only six I know he’ll love this, and have much use from it. Roxie the dog thought it was fun too!
Its very fast, kids love that, and as it can go over rough surfaces he can take it outside and use round my large garden.
Its OK to use in damp conditions but does need drying after use especially battery areas, before storing. Its not waterproof in itself. Like everything, look after it properly and it will last well.

Though there’s batteries in the main device you will need batteries for the transmitter. Everything else is here, from batteries and charger for main unit, screwdriver ( though mine came fully assembled ready to use), sticker decals and bag for accessories,and a very useful manual.
Getting spares easily is a real bonus and the manual lists parts by name and number.

Stars: Five, great fun for kids and adults!

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Songmics Set of 3 Real Wax Flameless LED Candles with Timer and Remote Control GLC75D

I’ve got some like these already which I love. Mine were much more expensive and the difference does show. Mine look very, very realistic – but they were five times the price of these!
Take your pick, one set that’s so real looking you’ll think they are genuine candles,  or five sets that look pretty good individually and together create a fantastic effect. And are safer to use !

This set has gone to my daughter’s home ready for winter/xmas home decorations. They do look pretty realistic, and you can use the remote to have them flickering or static, and also adjust the brightness of them. You can also use a timer function on them which is useful.
They do each need three AAA batteries, not supplied so do check you’ve got them when you order. The remote has battery included.
They feel very real, with the candles themselves feeling that waxy texture surface of genuine ones.
Once on and with candles drawn they look great. Of course you can put them behind curtains to light up window – something you can’t do with real ones safely.

I love candles, but the real ones do pose a fire risk – I’ve got up in the morning a few times and found I’d forgotten to put a candle out the night before. Oops!
Luckily its always been one of those scented in a jar types and no harm was done, but it is risky so if you’re like me, a bit forgetful, or if you’ve young children or pets who are likely to knock them over play safe and use a set like these.
With lights out and on flicker setting they do look very good. Hopefully my video will show how real they look.

Stars: Five, great value and safe to use.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly

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