Bluetooth Earbuds, Double Walled Cafetiere

Bluetooth Sports Headphones, MengK Wireless Sport Headphones Magnetic Earbuds In-ear Stereo Earphones with Mic, Secure Fit for Gym, Running, Jogger(Bluetooth 4.1, Sweatproof, Noise Cancelling Headset)

These feel decent quality, not cheap and flimsy, and are attractive to look at, being a simple, neutral black. Bright ones suit some people, others want something like this, more discreet.
There’s nothing about water resistance though the description does describe them as suitable for running and riding, outdoor sports so I would imagine they are fine in light showers, though that’s not been tested.

I found these very comfortable, easy to wear and that they stayed in situ whilst using them. They don’t have those ear brace things many do – I find them a little odd and not very good, these are shaped to fit the ear which feels better to me though of course it does make them a little larger.
Personally I prefer over the head earphones but that doesn’t really work for outdoors, and I’ve noticed the grandkids all prefer these types when they’re on the go.
For sports and outdoor work these sort of ear buds are perfect, for example being able to use them whilst wearing ear defenders as they fit inside, and that’s good when doing monotonous work such as lawn mowing!!
If they do slide out when out running or biking, I’d clip the wire to something on clothes – just in case 🙂 They do have three pairs of spare soft silicon ear-buds (S/M/L)
They are very lightweight and the earpieces have magnets which quickly clip together so if you want to chat to someone its easy to slip them off and hang round neck ready to puck up ands use again. I’ve always thought magnets should be kept away from phones – not sure if that’s correct, but just in case don’t keep them in the same pocket or bag as your phone.

They’re easy to charge via the cable supplied, simply click open the plastic tag on the control section on the ear piece and attach the mini usb to the headset and the other end to pc or a phone/kindle charger.
Cable is supplied but not actual charger, very few do have those included though, and most of us have several kicking around from charging other devices, or you can charge via PC etc.
They have over charging protection built in which is useful. I usually charge my devices overnight so they are ready for the morning.
They have a decent battery life too, so should be fine for a full working day as far as phone calls go, but if you’re playing music you may want to recharge via adapter, or battery bank/car if you’re on the move.  “The polymer 70mAh battery supports approximately 5 hours play time with a 2 hours charging”.

I found them very easy to connect. I followed the instructions given and they quickly paired to my phone, LG Spirit. Poor phone has so many devices paired to it now I really need to rename them, so when I want to use one I know which it is….
Functionally the music is pretty clear, and it retrieves calls very well. I tried a couple of favourites ( REM, and some sixties and seventies assorted songs ) via my phone, and tried out the call function using another phone.
I prefer ones that have controls on the cord rather than earpiece but that’s a small matter and each person has their own preferences. Sound quality is the most important IMO and this is very good and clear.

Stars: Five, simple, inexpensive and effective

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

X-Chef Double Walled Cafetiere – 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker – “Unbreakable” 18/10 Stainless Steel Double-Wall Keep Warm Coffee & Espresso Filter- 1.0 L/34 oz

I love “real” coffee but living alone it seems a waste to get the cafetiere out when I only want one cup as by the time I’m ready for second it’ll be cold. My current one is a simple glass one, so as well as taking care not to break it just doesn’t keep coffee hot.

So I was keen to put this into action. Made my coffee at about 7.45 am and it was lovely. Went back at 11.15 for cup number two ( I got a bit engrossed and left it longer than intended…) and it was still drinkable at 46 degrees C.
That’s down to the twin wall construction which makes it act like a flask. that also keeps the outside cool too so avoiding burns when you forget its hot and pick it up….The lid has an angled section, twist open to pour, twist back to close and keep heat in.

Its a simple device, put in ground coffee, add boiling water, sit lid on leaving plunger up for a few mins, then press down and pour out. If the plunger doesn’t go down easily give it a little longer. Fresh coffee just when you need it.

The stainless steel construction means its sturdy, no worries over breaking and its very easy to clean.
Its a sensible size too at one litre, so when the family are round we can all have coffee without having to do it in stages.
You can use it for teas too, and other things, plant infusions ect. add some fresh or fried herbs, some root ginger or lemon peel and water, let it brew then plunge and pour same as for coffee.

What I’m impressed with too is the two year warranty. Its always good to find a supplier that stands behind the quality of their goods.
Stars: Five, simple, inexpensive and effective

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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