pretty short sleeve top and cosy dress

GLO-STORY® Women’s Lace Off The Shoulder Short Sleeve Slim Fit T-shirt Tops1362

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This is such a pretty top, I saw the deep lace neck and shoulders and didn’t notice its also got another of my loves – glitter!! Some delicate little silver embellishments in varying sizes attached randomly across the bust area.

I love it and may order one for me in a larger size. I ordered it in size L – equates to an 8-10 on the sellers charts, of course in UK size L would be more a 14-16 which is my size and I didn’t note there was a size chart included – my bad!
Note: SIZE 2-4 UK=Size (S) │ SIZE 4-6 UK=Size (M) │ SIZE 8-10 UK=Size (L) │ SIZE 12-14 UK=Size (XL)

Still, this will make a great gift for one of my slimmer friends or family, and I’ll buy a larger one 😉 Its actually very stretchy and I can wear it but of course stretching across to a larger size means the bottom is too short. Best to get the right size…or this might find its way into my wardrobe for “when” I lose weight. Hasn’t everyone got a couple of those items??

Anyway, it comes in black, grey or white and sizes S to XXL. Its a lovely soft cotton feel, with the elastane providing some stretch to make it really comfortable to wear.
I love the lace top, can be worn higher over the shoulders/neck style or pulled across arms as shown in the picture. either way it looks really pretty, is easy to wear, will go with skirts or trousers and is small enough to be rolled up and tucked into a suitcase for a weekend away giving something quick and easy to wear that lifts any outfit.
Its also great for parties and evenings and also would be perfect as a summer t shirt.

Stars: Five. A very versatile top, perfect for all occasions

GLO-STORY® Women’s Short Sleeve Pullover Raglan Hoodie Dress 1800

Product Details


I ordered this in size XL – equates to an 12-14 on the sellers charts of another product I was reviewing ( the lace edge top) , of course in UK size XL would be more a 16-18.
Its very stretchy though and though I’m a size 14-16 ( I always order larger – I like loose clothes as I’m sitting in wheelchair), it will fit me easily, though doesn’t look as good sitting down.
Still, its warm, easy to wear and snuggly which is what I wanted.

Its got a hoodie too although I can’t see me using that but granddaughter always has her head tucked in one, indoors and out….
Its so soft and easy to wear it would be great for nightwear or just lounging around in at the end of the day.
Its comes in three colours and four sizes. The logo is a marmite one – you either love it or loathe it, I love it but I know others will hate it. A plain version for this would be very popular I’d think.

Its washable, I don’t know about tumble dry, I’d use a cool wash and hang to dry just in case it shrinks.
The description says Body Con, that seems to crop up a lot and its not what’s usually accepted as Body Con in UK, those where the elastane holds you in to give a slim(mish) silhouette in an oh-god-its-hard-to-breathe way. this has elastane to give stretch but Does Not hold in the lumps and bumps! Still, that does mean its incredibly comfortable – I know which I prefer wearing.

This is easy to wear, cosy and  is small enough to be rolled up and tucked into a suitcase for a weekend away giving something quick and easy to wear or a spare nightie.

Stars: Five,great for casual daywear or sleeping

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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