Dimmable USB Rechargeable Touch Desk Lamp, Gel Nail Polish 4PCS Kits Soak Off

Light Desk Lamp,Smater Dimmable USB Rechargeable Touch Desk Lamp For Birthday/Christmas/Party

Product Details

This is a fun light, but also surprisingly functional when on highest setting. I didn’t expect such a bright light from such a small device.

Its currently in my living room, doing duty as a useful table lamp. We’ve a large room so chairs and coffee table sit away from walls and of course away from electric sockets so unless we want trailing extension leads we can’t have a light there.
You don’t always want a bright ceiling or wall light on, but a more subtle one from a table lamp and this is perfect for that.

Its charged via USB cable – a short one is supplied but not the wall adapter. Still – most homes have a few of them around or you can use PC or laptop to charge.
You can also use a battery bank, we’ve a few of them and they’re perfect for things like this ( or electric toothbrushes that charge via USB when you’ve no electric sockets in the bathroom!

Its pretty simple to use, and full instructions are given, but basically its just switch on and choose a setting. I’m still finding my away around all the light changing and dimming options – for a small device its got lots of choices.

It takes 4 hours to fully charge, and the battery life is between 6 to 48 hours depending on which lighting option is chosen.
Once its switched on via the power button you can use the slider to dim or brighten and press the power button to select single colours at a static light.
If you want them moving randomly or sequentially, or flashing fast or slow then a long press on the M button selects that.
Its fun to play around with and change the mood of the lighting to what you want. I’ve tried to show some options via video – but that’s not my strong point so apologies now if its a bit hard to follow!

Its great for a kids room, no worries over hot bulbs, no cables to trip, no fiddling with sockets and of course no broken bulbs! Just a pretty, soft light.

Stars: Five, fun and easy to use, useful and unusual lamp.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Gellen Brand Gel Nail Polish 4PCS Kits Soak Off UV LED Colour Varnish Manicure Nail Salon Set 8ml #1

I love painted nails but have always struggled to get them looking good, and as for staying nice more than a day or two, forget it. Then last year I was offered a UV lamp for review and its opened up a new world to me. Shellac nails really do last two weeks, even if like me you’re always grubbing in the garden, feeding and grooming a horse, playing with the dogs. I find that the growth shows at the nail bed before the actual polish wears.

I started with one coat my usual base coat, cure for 30 seconds, then two thin coats of this polish, curing each for 2 mins, then a top coat of my usual brand and cure that for 60 seconds. That’s it, takes about 20 mins and stays good for two weeks or more with care.

I’d never had a professional manicure so looked online for advice and videos of how to do this. I usually pay around £6 for one bottle polish so these sets are great value and I love that there’s a couple of metallic ones included in this one  – they look gorgeous, I’ve a few already and tend to wear them all the while.
The metallics can be worn alone but I find they look better applied over a drak base and in this set the founr can mix and match, with the metallics going over either of the single color paints.

The colour applies very easily and is rich and dense. I’ve found thin coats are better than thick ones, and as they dry so quickly its easy to just add another coat if you feel two doesn’t give the depth of colour you want, though even with thin coats I’ve found thats usually fine.
With the metallics its easy to “place” the sparekles where you want, if they simple cover oters leaving a bare place, just lift off and move before using the dryer.

Don’t sit outside in the sun ( hah -its winter now, no fear!) as I did in the summer as the UV rays from the sun start to sure the polish very quickly, and I had lumps starting on the brush before I even applied it.
Lesson learned, shade only or indoors 😉

You do need 100% acetone remover, the usual stuff just won’t do it, and it takes longer as the nails have to soak for ten mins of so. In fact it takes around as long to remove as apply!  Lasting so long though its time saved really. If the colour still looks good, and there is no lifting or chips you could just apply another top coat to renew the glossy shine and make them look  good again.

I have been experimenting with peel off polishes and base, and found that that using a peel off base makes the polish Much Much easier to remove, even if you use a soak off colour polish over it. I love that part, what isn’t so good is that you need to rememeber to wear gloves when cleaning, wahsing up, washing hair etc. anything that has hands in water for longer than a minute or so. You’re supposed to soak for 10-15 mins in soapy water to remove, but I found washing hair and washing up loosened them and a couple came off, so am trying to remember to wear rubber gloves.
I’ve been using the peel off top coat, and am going to try it with the soak off one instead though I suspect it’ll have the same result. Of course stick to the soak off that needs acetone to remove and its not an issue.

Stars: five, works well and great value.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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