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I always mean to review more of this too – been having a go at past purchases….the first is bandage, used for when Muska had hoof abscess, but useful for all first aid boxes

Product Details

My elderly mare had a hoof abscess, this costs a lot more from the vet and as she needed poultice changed daily for a couple of weeks this was perfect. Do pull loose and gently roll up enough before you need it though, trying to hold up a hoof with a dressing on the base, and unravel/find end of bandage isn’t easy. Especially when you’re leaning over doing it from a mobility scooter. Thankfully Muska, my Icelandic mare, is very patient! I keep some to hand all the while, its great for humans too not just pets!

NB: Its very stretchy but don’t tension it too tight as that can affect blood flow – not comfortable and not what helps healing.

Had this sent for review purposes.
Red light comes on but doesn’t go green and pen won’t heat. – shrug – so I can’t test it.
I’ve emailed sellers twice, items do sometimes get damaged in transit, and I believe sellers should have a chance to correct that before complaining. Sadly I’ve not had any response to my emails, so I can’t review and have simply left a one star rating.

Some nail polish fun stuff..


this was fun to use. I used it over shellac polish, works best over a dark base. I prefer the silver, felt the gold looked a bit like my nails had turned septic…..though everyone else seemed to love it. Easy to do, apply base coat, dark coat, push on the dust and then a top coat to seal. with shellac/gels and UV lamp lasts 10 days or more, not tried with ordinary polish cos I wear that out far too quick and haven’t the patience to reapply when it chips and wears a couple of days later.
You could mask off stripes and have fun, or maybe some stars or moon cutouts.

Lamp fragrance stuff

Product Details

The one that came with my lamp a couple of years back lasted ages, but then stopped lighting. I ordered a new one and it broke very quickly, the wire came off and wouldn’t light..I’d dropped it on the floor so thought it was my fault and ordered another. That was just 9 days ago and from a great start it’s now iffy about lighting.Sometimes will sometimes won’t, regardless of how much liquid is in the lamp – so I stand there like a lemon heating it with a lighter….#notgood

Ashleigh & Burwood Orange & Cinnamon Lamp Fragrance 500ml

I’ve had some fabulous fragrances from A&B but this is overly dominated by cinnamon. I love the smell of cinnamon – combined with something else, and orange balances it perfectly. sadly its drowned out here by the cinnamon. wish I’d read more reviews before ordering but after maybe a dozen different fragrances this is the first I really am not happy with. Its not Awful, just not well balanced. I’m kind of hurrying to use it up at the moment so I can justify buying something different!

Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp Fragrances 3x 180ml - Spicy & Woody Collection

I thought I’d try this, as I love woody, spicy fragrances but wasn’t sure which to buy. At least this way I’m not stuck with using up loads I don’t really like ( see the orange and cinnamon one)
I loved- really loved – the moroccan spice one, am kind of dislike/ indifferent to the oriental spice one and hate the midnight oud one.That smells like old ladies fragrance – and the older I get the more “old lady” gets dislikeable. I don’t want to be one of those pink rinse, saggy knitted cardis, droopy tights, sickly smelling types, and this fragrance reminds me of those. I’m going for the Henna,velvet,lace and glitter, soft leggings and spicy scented people – I hope!

Even though I didn’t really like 2 of the 3 fragrances I’ve given it five stars as its been a good way to find new fragrances without splashing out on a big bottle. I love the flower ones, especially the roses, for spring and summer, but this time of year I turn to the warm spicy ones and I’m definitely getting the moroccan spice in a bigger bottle.


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