A few more recent purchases

Gorgeous pretty netting with tiny sparkly sequins stuck on.Its quite a stiff fabric. The green is a very deep viridian/emerald colour and I was really looking for a softer green but couln’t find one. I’ve got a double length used to cover clothes that hang in open on a rail in my bedroom, stop them getting dusty. And it satisfies my sparkle addiction!!

Henne Color Auburn Henna Hair Colouring Cream 90 ml

Second time I’ve used this product, last time I chose copper, this time went for the auburn. My hair is dark brown and some grey ( I keep trying to call it silver but no-one seems convinced…) This covers it well, the grey comes out quite bright but looks good as I’ve not much. If you’ve a lot of grey you might find this shade a bit too gingery though.
My hair is very straight and waist length, one box was fine. It leaves it really soft and shiny, which is what I like. I find as I age my hair loses some of that lovely mirror like shine it used to have and a little colour puts that back.
Its really easy to use, everything you need is in the box, though I use my own disposable gloves as these are that one size fits all plastic type. They made it quite hard to grip things. I spread a little on the roots first, leave that ten mins of so then cover the rest, wrap in cling film, leave for another twenty mins and rinse off. That’s it, simples. I wipe any staining off my skin with baby wipes as it happens, though organised people will remember to put a little vaseline of something round forehead first. I’ve never claimed to be organised though, so wiping spills as they happen is my way.
Its got a pleasant smell, is so easy, not like the powered Henna I used to buy when I was a teen….and far less messy!

Biona Organic Coconut Oil Cuisine, 470ml


I wanted this for my horse and me. We both get bitten to death by the damn midges, and as she was confined to a small pen, due to hoof abscess she couldn’t get under the trees, her usual escape. That just happens to be next to the garden ponds…midge heaven.

Fly repellents for equines are a) horrendously expensive b) don’t last more than a few hours c) full of all sorts of chemicals. I just mix in some fly repelling essential oils, with some healing ones too, then this is perfect for both of us, keeps midges away, helps keep flies off cuts and helps them heal by keeping skin soft, and of course its waterproof. I spread lots through her mane and tail too so she can swoosh them at the flies. Its not perfect but certainly works out less expensive, less harmful and is better than any I’ve bought.

Oils I use are a combo of lavender, lemon ( not too much – she doesn’t like it) Sage, tea tree, eucalyptus, cedar, calendula. they’are all either fly repelling or healing oils. You can use whatever you want, the net has lots of info on properties of different ones. I let the cocoanut oil come to room temp so it’s liquid, drop in the essential oils and shake and that’s it. Stays in my mobility scooter basket all summer ready to use. Once its gone solid I use a sponge to apply and keep it in the jar so it gets well soaked ( I keep some in another jar for me, as hers gets a bit horse scented after a few times of putting sponge back!)
Its really good for skin, a great face, body, hand cream and adding a few essential oils means customising your own to what fragrance, purpose you want.

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