underwear, wormer, flea treatment, and a box cutter

WHIZZ Men’s Underwear,100s Micro Modal Middle Rise Breathable Skin Business Class Boxer Brief Trunks

WHIZZ Men's Underwear,100s Micro Modal Middle Rise Breathable Skin Business Class Boxer Brief Trunks M Black

These come in several different sizes and two colours. I chose Black, size M.

They’re very soft and apart from the front tailored section are made in one piece thus no extra seams that rub. For those with sensitive skins that’s a real bonus.
Even the front shaped insert is stitched with a zig zag flat stitch and doesn’t rub. The wash tag at the back can be torn out too, so as to prevent rubbing.
Underwear is something so basic, and yet if it rubs skin can cause huge issues.

I really like these. The waistband is soft and flat too, doesn’t dig in but sits nicely on low waist, and the stitching on the legs is also carefully done.
The material is incredibly soft Micro Modal, I’ve had underwear in that before and it washes well and keeps shape. It has a little spandex which allows the fabric to stretch gently to individuals shape.

Ok – they’re meant for men but though I’m not male I love soft boxers under trousers, and I’m wearing them today under some denim leggings.
They are really very comfortable, the shape at the front stays reasonably flat, and it doesn’t matter that as a lady I don’t have the equipment to fit there 😉
This company ought to make these for ladies too – I’m sure they’d do well.

Stars: Five, really comfortable underwear for ladies too!!

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Do the job, easy to break for when a half tablet needed and palatable so the dogs are happy to eat as a “treat” so that makes things simple.

Easy to use, effective and keeps pets and therefore home flea free.
I’ve a big garden, lots of wildlife – foxes, rabbits, deer hedgehogs etc so fleas are just part of life and inevitable. I’m sensitive to flea bites – the little critters love me, so keeping dogs flea free is essential for both of us.
This doesn’t deal with ticks though 😦 so we still need to watch for those, but they’re far easier to remove than fleas.

Three in a pack, and somehow I managed to lose one the first day – its in the house somewhere…This is perfect for keeping in a little bag I wear all the while. It has my phone, my tablets, my spare glasses ( reading and distance ones now:-) and I always have thew wrong ones on it seems!) pens, tissues, and this little knife. If I’m in garden its great for cutting flowers, bits of string, tape, and its easy to open post with it, and then slice up boxes to fit in the recycling bin, and opening the horse feed bags is a doddle now. Cheap and so easy to use.

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