Cushion cover, and some random purchases…..

Mermaid Pillowcase, Haoyii Glitter Sequin Cushion Cover Sparkling Throw Pillow Case Pillowslip For Car Bedroom Decorative, 16″x16″

Perfect cushion cover for my sparkle and glitter addiction!! This is a fun cover, doesn’t have the cushion in though so I found an old one I had, and tucked that in.
It comes in 11 different colours, each with a contrast colour backing to the sequins.
Its got a neat hidden zip – so well hidden that I couldn’t find it at first 🙂
The dual sided sequins are on one side of the cover, with the back being a plain but matching colour fabric.

Once you’ve brushed all the sequins one way then you simply run fingers down to “draw” on the cushion. Straight up and down works best, curves need to be carefully flicked out but its fun and reminds me of those old etch-a-sketch toys we used to have when I was a kid.
When you want to change pattern just swipe sequins up one way with hand and its ready for next picture. Kids will have great fun.

One thing I noted, not important but just for ref- when I pulled one way down on the sequins it gave a really odd sensation, slightly stomach churning in the way that lifts can do sometimes – I’ve no idea why??

I can’t find any washing instructions so I’d carefully hand wash in warm water, not hot and air dry. I hate hand washing and usually just use a cool, gentle wash in the machine but this is small and won’t take much to do.

Stars: Five, fun way to change the feel of a room.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

50 Wonderful Multicoloured ‘Harlequin’ Wallflowers (Bare Root)

I always mean to grow these from seed but always forget!! So amazon came in handy yet again….

50 Wonderful Multicoloured 'Harlequin' Wallflowers (Bare Root)

Arrived well packed and I’m hoping to get them out over next few days.
They’re in bundles and I’ve put them in water as soon as they arrived. Can’t blame the seller if they dry/die out and I’ve not done my bit!
Its amazing how hardy these are though, how they can spend time dried out and yet still recover, but by taking that extra care the plants will be stronger. There’s a few yellowing leaves but I thjink that’s inevitable.
The proof will be how well they grow and if I remember I’ll come back and edit. For now though I’m happy with them. Loved the bonus bulbs included too. These look good with tulips, they help cover the tulip foliage which looks pretty ugly when it dies down.
NB: the smell – awful, really stinky like rotten cabbages so keep them outside 😉 They are related to cabbages/brassicas so If you grow them close together they will both succumb to club root if its in your soil. Best keep them apart then if one gets it the others won’t, and no risk of cross transferring germs.

SanDisk Ultra 16 GB microSDHC Class 10 Memory Card up to 48 Mbps

There’s not much to say, wanted this for the kindle fire which had a stupidly small memory. Brennan ( age 6) gets irritated that I have to keep deleting his games form the aps, as I run out of memory – the Fire – not me personally, though a brain disk would be good 😉 Tucked in into the slot, fire recognised it all all grimbles are over. Peace for a small price.
I’ve just bought another to hopefully download some music onto for my speaker instead of keep streaming from my phone. Of course they’re good for cameras etc too – seems a long while since it was films for cameras that needed developing and floppy discs for PCs and yet no so many years back!

Bluesky Peel Off Series Nail Polish Number Top and Base Combined 10 ml

Found out that it’s easy to do shellac nails at home last year, but getting the stuff off is really difficult. Then I recently discovered this.
I’ve been using it as base coat then applying either polish from the peel off range or from soak off – both work.
I’m using the soak off top coat too. As the base peels easily the rest comes with it and its far quicker and simpler that sitting for ages soaking finger tips in 100% acetone remover!

Pictures show this as base coat cured under lamp for about 60-90 secs, then two coats soak off polish and one coat soak off top coat. As the top coat gets used up I’ll stick to this base/top one for both but there’s still a lager range of colours in the soak off than peel off so I’ll continue with those.
One thing you do need to rememeber is to wear gloves when hands are immersed in water for a time, such as washing up or washing hair. Just showering seems to be fine, but its the immersion that loosens the polish. Remove by either soaking hands for 5-10 mins in soapy water or as I do simply peel off nails are the edges loosen after 10 days or so.


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