I review things so you can read my honest opinions. Some things I’ve bought but the majority are products I’ve been given free for review purposes.Please note: If a product merits five stars it gets it, but I review honestly and if there are issues I mention them and my rating reflects that. I will contact first if product appears faulty. It happens and I don’t want to rate unfairly. I do live in UK so while I can add reviews to Amazon com, Italy, Canada etc I cannot order from them but need review products to be sent direct to my home.

About me: Interests: family, reading, horses, pets, wildlife, gardening, growing food, environment, painting in all media, tablets/ pc’s and internet, music, – I love all of these and am happy to review connected products but activities are controlled by my disability, I’m an amputee wheelchair user, so while I test many products myself I also rope in family, friends and grandkids when necessary and base reviews on what they think of a product.

One response to “About”

  1. Joyce Jiang says :

    Hi Jeannie, we like your honest reviews here.

    We are Amazon seller in UK. We’ve got some jewelries, like sterling silver pendant necklace, which need some reviews.

    Check our store here: http://amzn.to/1U0YbLF

    You know, graduation season is coming, and we believe our products must be a perfect present for all graduates.

    So we think that why not you try some first, and then tell everybody about it.

    Please tell us if you are interested. Email me at: jiangshuxian1@hotmail.com
    or message me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joyce.jsx

    Best regards,


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