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PowerLead Wifi 2.4GHZ UFO RC Aircraft Remote Control Drone RC Quadcopter Aerial Vehicle-Upgrade version

PowerLead Wifi 2.4GHZ UFO RC Aircraft Remote Control Drone RC Quadcopter Aerial Vehicle-Upgrade version

What I really liked about this drone is that it has a camera, and the kit has a card and USB card reader included.
So often items come without, and if you don’t have one handy you’ve to wait til you can buy one….can be frustrating, and with expensive items it just adds more onto the cost. Its a real bonus and very welcome when its included as it is here.
You will need four AAA batteries for the controller though, check you have them when you buy so you can order if needed. Then when it comes its ready to use.

Usually with tech items its the (very grown up) kids or the grandkids that do the testing, but they weren’t about for this so I tried.
Me and Tech don’t really mix and the first issue I had was how to get the battery in the drone. I turned it round, and over and just couldn’t see where it went. In despair I asked the sellers, who very promptly emailed back with a nice red arrow on an image showing me. Of course once pointed out it was obvious….oops. Great contact from sellers though, always good to hear.

So havening fixed that, tucked the SD card in the camera and batteries in the controller I read instructions, down-loaded the app to my phone, and went outside.
I’m a wheelchair user so couldn’t test too far as I wouldn’t be able to get it back. I’ve a huge garden but we’ve had so much rain the scooter won’t go over much of it.
It was pretty easy to work out how to use, and the app opened up easily, so if I was flying it high I could use the phone to work out best steering, not have to follow it almost out of sight.
I couldn’t work out how to work video or take images – my fault, lack of tech skills, not the device and now son number two has it he’s promised to send me some when he’s out with it.

I took it onto the patio, switched on, let it rise…and rise…and rise, before I worked out how to bring it down. It was about 20ft up, and over conservatory roof, and I was worried it would fall there and I’d be unable to get to it. Managed to bring it down, then crashed it from about 10 feet up onto the patio. The camera fell off but wasn’t damaged, and was easy to slot on again, and best of all the device wasn’t damaged.
With previous ones family have found that the blades and supports are quite fragile and easily damaged. This design is much more robust and less likely to break, though there’s a list of spare parts that can be ordered in the event something does.
I also crashed it onto a flower pot, where somehow a cane managed to catch in one of the parts where the propellers are, flicking it off. I thought it would break – it didn’t, and was easily clicked back on and running. There are spare propellers included with the device.

I think this is great value., more robust than others we’ve had and a good price. Son number two who has this now says they sell similar ones in the shop where he works for £500. He can’t see many differences to reflect the huge price variance.

NB: One things to be aware of is control, its easy to let it go further than you think ( my first play where it rose up 20ft or so very rapidly), and so keep it well away from roads, overhead wires and other peoples houses and gardens.
Don’t risk getting caught for invasions of people’s privacy, the camera is fun, but not for snooping in neighbours gardens or houses!!

Its a toy best suited to older, more responsible children and adults.

Stars: Five, Fun for older kids and adults

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly

Building Blocks, Coolife Building Bricks Building Toy Blocks 500 Pc Bulk Blocks Construction Set Bricks – Tight Fit with Major Brands

Building Blocks, Coolife Building Bricks Building Toy Blocks 500 Pc Bulk Blocks Construction Set Bricks – Tight Fit with Major Brands

Lego, bane of parents life as they are so awful to stand on, and the bits get everywhere – but kids love the stuff, and its very creative. It costs though, so when offered this set for review I knew 6 year old Brennan would love to play with it. We’ve cartons of Lego but never seem to have enough of the stuff.

So how did it do? Well, on first inspection we were really pleased, they fitted well together, and did fit the Lego too. A great choice of colours and shapes too mean kids can really get creative.

Of course Bren’s at that age when Guns Rule, and Light Sabres of course!
We made a couple but ….they fell apart very, very quickly. Lego is a pain to take apart but when used for “active” toys like this it works, stays together and the game isn’t spoiled by someone’s gun or sabre falling apart within seconds of starting the game.

I don’t know why they fall apart, it looks practically identical to Lego, must be an infinitesimal size difference or may the Lego words help grip? Who knows, but though they look the same they don’t perform the same.
I guess you get what you pay for, 500 Lego bricks would be far more expensive.

For static models, houses etc these are great value, and fit together well but for active games – and that’s what my grandkids mostly do – they’re simply no good.
I’ve star rated a three, 1 for active models, guns etc, and 5 for houses, castles, shops etc.
It really depends what your kids want the bricks for.

They really aren’t much good to Bren, we’ll stick to the pricier Lego, and less of it but if yours are more into model making, towers, houses etc then its a great value set.

Stars: Three.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Reusable Advent Calendar

NICEXMAS Christmas Advent Calendar Countdown to Christmas , 64cm by 89cm

Tree arrives folded so it could do with ironing to keep it flat – I’m lazy, hate ironing so don’t have one…. I’ll probably press this under one of the living room sofa cushions, after removing the sweets of course!! Granddad used to press his trousers under the bed mattress, a trick he learned in the army in WW2. Who needs irons 😉

I love this tree, much larger than expected at 35 inches from top to base.
Its made of a strong hessian and felt fabric, with 25 stitched-on pockets. Each of those has a cute, tiny decoration stitched on, some embroidered to the surface but some are 3D sewn on. There’s also a snowflake hanging from a length of twine and you can tuck in in each day to see the date.
Its something that can be used again and again, looks good, perfect for traditional decorations.

I hate the way things are so disposable today, that’s so wasteful, so decorations like this are perfect of like me you care about impacting on the environment and its future.
I’ve got tree decorations made when my kids were tiny – they’re all now well into their thirties.
This calendar is perfect for keeping, either share or get one for each child. Lasting so long its cheaper than paying a fiver for a card one thrown away each year, and being able to customise it is great.

The pockets are big enough to hold a small wrapped sweet. I’ve got ones from a Morrison Xmas tub in them, like Roses or Quality Street, in each pocket.
You could put balloons, a tiny car, small things like xmas cracker gifts instead of chocolates. Or have an adult one with miniature liqueurs, lipsticks, nail varnish, jewellery, perfume samples etc.
Can’t think of many ideas you could do for a man. Tiny screwdrivers, nail clippers, keyrings. Condoms maybe…all those xmas parties 😉
I love the way you can use this year after year and customise it to what you want, and who will be opening it.

Note: Description says “Tree has 25 small hooks on which to hang 25 included ornaments, snowflake, stockings, snowmen, toys and more.” There are no actual hooks, or loose ornaments but but there are the sewn on ones, and I guess thats what they mean. You could hook ornaments over the pockets if wanted. I think that’s not needed though, they already have the decoration on each one, and the pockets hold a sweet or small gift. Less is more sometimes.

Stars: Five, It looks good, is a great price and can be used year after year.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Foldable imitation leather ottoman with storage (Brown, 38 x 38 x 38 cm)

Foldable imitation leather ottoman with storage (Brown, 38 x 38 x 38 cm)

When this arrived in a square box, just a few inches deep I was a bit puzzled, and convinced it wouldn’t be very strong. No issues though, its unfolds really easily to an open square, with an insert to place at the base which keeps the shape. Add on the padded top and you’ve an attractive and functional storage box.

I’ve got it in the kitchen for shoes and bags ready for shopping, but you could have it for books, magazines, toys, crafts if you do that, ditto knitting and sewing.
Its far sturdier than I thought it would be for something that assembles in seconds, and I could find 101 uses for it.

It doubles as a handy stool too and as we always seem to gravitate towards the kitchen extra seating is always welcome. Its in a dark choclate brown, leather effect fabric, and though that tends to suit most decors it would be great it it came in other colours.

Stars: Five,perfect for many uses, functional and useful.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Star Wars VII The Force Awakens Pencils, Pen, Rubber, Ruler, Sharpener and Tin Pencil Case Stationery Set


Brought these for youngest grandchild’s 6th birthday. He loves all things Star Wars, I love giving creative gifts so this suits us both. Fairly priced I think given how expensive branded goods are far too often. I know these will get well used.

Burns Alert Chicken 6 Kg

both dogs love it, the price is excellent, (no VAT as ist classed as a working dog feed!!) It leaves them with shiny coat and clean teeth and is easily digested, no upset stomach. given how vile dog cr ap can smell when they have the wrong food, and how expensive vet bills are when they have upset stomach its worth paying that bit extra for a quality food.

Ashleigh & Burwood Small Fragrance Oil Replacement Wicks

The first one of these that came with the lamp lasted ages, then I dropped the second one so I thought it was my fault when it wouldn’t light after a short while. I’ve had two more since. they’re all perfect for the first few days then just don’t want to stay alight. I have to heat them by keeping the lighter on til the stone heats 😦 Don’t know why, and don’t know what else I can do.

RC jeep and battery candles

RC Cars, Mengk 1/24 Scale Remote Control Cars, Electric Off-road 2.4Ghz 4WD High Speed RC Trucks / Buggy S608

Product Details
The grandkids love remote control toys like this, but we’ve had a few that just don’t live up to performance. This one is great though, easy to use (even for nan!!) and what I really like is the availability of parts. That means when bits break – as they inevitably do – its easy to replace and have jeep up and running again.

This is for youngest grandsons birthday – he’s younger than the recommended 14 years of age, but dad or older siblings will be helping him, and he will love it.  He is very good at RC devices.
That did mean though that to keep it hidden for the next couple of weeks I needed to do testing myself, not the grandkids who usually do things like this for me, and my control over these isn’t the greatest!
I can’t do video games either…so bear that in mind when you watch the video. I was trying to control the jeep and hold phone to record at the same time…There are other videos in reviews that show how well it performs far better.
For someone who’s useless at these devices I had no issues getting it up and running, adjusting steering etc and getting it whizzing round the house, over carpets and rugs, onto hard floors and over the bit of wood in doorway between kitchen and dining room that sticks my wheelchair every time.
Shame I can’t connect that up to something like this, save me getting tipped out when the wheels hit the wood and stop and I don’t! I did have some issues finding reverse so did what I should have done first and read the manual….does anyone ever do that before trying stuff out?

It looks good, its great fun and even though Bren is only six I know he’ll love this, and have much use from it. Roxie the dog thought it was fun too!
Its very fast, kids love that, and as it can go over rough surfaces he can take it outside and use round my large garden.
Its OK to use in damp conditions but does need drying after use especially battery areas, before storing. Its not waterproof in itself. Like everything, look after it properly and it will last well.

Though there’s batteries in the main device you will need batteries for the transmitter. Everything else is here, from batteries and charger for main unit, screwdriver ( though mine came fully assembled ready to use), sticker decals and bag for accessories,and a very useful manual.
Getting spares easily is a real bonus and the manual lists parts by name and number.

Stars: Five, great fun for kids and adults!

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Songmics Set of 3 Real Wax Flameless LED Candles with Timer and Remote Control GLC75D

I’ve got some like these already which I love. Mine were much more expensive and the difference does show. Mine look very, very realistic – but they were five times the price of these!
Take your pick, one set that’s so real looking you’ll think they are genuine candles,  or five sets that look pretty good individually and together create a fantastic effect. And are safer to use !

This set has gone to my daughter’s home ready for winter/xmas home decorations. They do look pretty realistic, and you can use the remote to have them flickering or static, and also adjust the brightness of them. You can also use a timer function on them which is useful.
They do each need three AAA batteries, not supplied so do check you’ve got them when you order. The remote has battery included.
They feel very real, with the candles themselves feeling that waxy texture surface of genuine ones.
Once on and with candles drawn they look great. Of course you can put them behind curtains to light up window – something you can’t do with real ones safely.

I love candles, but the real ones do pose a fire risk – I’ve got up in the morning a few times and found I’d forgotten to put a candle out the night before. Oops!
Luckily its always been one of those scented in a jar types and no harm was done, but it is risky so if you’re like me, a bit forgetful, or if you’ve young children or pets who are likely to knock them over play safe and use a set like these.
With lights out and on flicker setting they do look very good. Hopefully my video will show how real they look.

Stars: Five, great value and safe to use.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly

Mini Smart Android Projector, 3D Printer Drawing Pen

Aodin Mini Smart Android Projector-Slim Wireless Portable Pocket Cell Home Cinema-Kodi & Netflix Support-Miracast Airplay-Hdmi &USB-Built-in Dual WiFi&Bluetooth with Vertical Keystone Correction

This device was tested by son in law and grandchildren. I wasn’t sure of the point of it at first, now having seen their videos I think its a great idea, and if you don’t want a tv dominating the room just have one of these tucked in a drawer ready to use when needed. I’d certainly go that route if I need a TV replacement. The grandkids Loved it, avidly grabbed it to use and had some real fun. They’ve got friends with one – its seems a real Teen Must Have item right now.
This is their words on it, and there’s also a talk through by grandson number one on the videos.

It is very easy to setup just power it up, adjust the focus and you can read and navigate the menu very easily. You can adjust the screen size by moving the projector closer or further away from the wall you want it on. It will screen well on plain walls, but you can also close curtains and use those, or as grandson no 1 did, project it on to the ceiling so he could lie in bed playing Minecraft!!

We set the xbox up on it via hdmi, click the hdmi icon and away we went. We could also connect Sky to it. The remote works well but has to be aimed at the projector. No batteries supplied.
Phones linked to it via bluetooth easy.However it did not like IPhone though, guessing it is because the projector runs on Android.
You need to add better speakers to get louder sound as the built in speaker was very quiet. As other reviewers mentioned the fan is quite noisy.
All in all seems like a good device.

Stars: Five, a simple, easy to use device that’s going to be used such a lot.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.
3D Pen 2016 Newest, Blusmart Intelligent 3D Printer Drawing Pen with Safety Holder and Free Filaments for Painting Creation and Doodling, Color Grey

So this looked fun, I’d never used one before, never even seen one though I have seen 3D printers online – its still hard to get my head around that, keep thinking of paper printers!

Anyway, I’m not great at tech but opened the box, followed instructions and soon had a little 3D circle with a couple of crossbars on it made. With practice you can make all sorts of things, and like most things the more you practice the better you get.

It really is easy to use, instructions are simple to follow and diagrams show what each button does so I had no issues working it.
My 6 year old youngest grandson is keen to try it when he’s here next. With younger children you will need to supervise as of course the “nib” does get very hot.
You will need to buy more filaments too, there’s a couple of reels provided to get you started but they don’t last long. I haven’t looked at availability but I don’t think they’ll be hard to get.

Its a fun gadget for kids and adults.

Stars: Five, fun and easy to use.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

gel pens, kite kite and brass cogs for craft/steampunk costumes

Gel Pen Set 60 pack – colouring book gel pens for kids and adults – Coloured Assortment of Glitter Gel Pens, Metallic Gel Pens, Pastel Gel Pens and Neon Gel Pen

A great set of pens for kids, and real fun with all the glitter and neon ones included at an excellent price.

They won’t be great for colouring large areas as the nibs are too fine, but are very good for those current books that are everywhere, the ones for stressed adults that have lots of tiny sections making up images of complex patterns.
The colours are vibrant and a good mix, but many are very similar. They’re a ball pen type nib rather than the felt type usually seen for colouring.
They do feel very light and flimsy, and at times the ink flow is patchy, but a quick scrub up and down and its there. Its is a bargain price at 60 pens for under a tenner so bear that in mind. You won’t get top quality pens and ink at bargain basement prices, and this set is great value.
Kids will love them, and people like me addicted to all things sparkly….

They come in a transparent plastic case with Velcro attachments and snaps to keep closed, but as with the pens its quite thin and in fact I split a corner on first opening it to test the pens. Still, most kids have their own pencil cases, so to me this isn’t really an issue, just something to bear in mind..

Stars: five, bargain set, but quality does reflect price.
funfunfly® Kite DIY Drawing Rainbow /Girl /Boy / Colour -One Of The Best Selling Toys For Outdoor Games Activities – Good Plan For Memorable Summer Fun – This Magic Kit Comes With Paintbrush (boy)

Fun kit, comprising Kite, reel of thread to fly, and a box of oil pastels to colour it in.

The kite is made of a kind of tough plasticy fabric, it’s very light and has plastic rods to hold the shape. I’d stick a blob of glue on them to keep in place when stored, and when in use.
The oil pastels were quite soft and easy to use, and spread well over the fabric. Used lightly they let the white of the fabric show through or just go over same place to completely cover.
You can follow the printed shapes design or do your own thing – great fun for kids to make a personalised kits and stop quarrels of who owns what!!
One thing to be aware of is that oil pastels don’t dry out and bits will rub off onto fingers, clothes etc so wear old ones when painting and using. You could give a light spray varnish after use to stop pastels rubbing on things – buy from art or hardware shop or online of course!

I’ve shown some images of the pastels and how they perform but haven’t yet actually flown the kite, need a) a windy day and b) the grandkids. Can’t really fly kites from a wheelchair 😦 but hopefully this weekend we can try it out.

BTW it doesn’t come with paintbrush as advertised, but you don’t need one for these pastels.

Stars: five, good fun, but watch out for clothes and oil pastels rubbing off.

Makhry 150 Gram Assorted Vintage Bronze Metal Steampunk Jewelry Making Charms Cog Watch Wheel for Crafting, Cosplay Halloween Decoration (Bronze)

This is a fun kit, use them to sew onto steampunk costumes, make some jewellery by linking in a chain or on a leather thread for pendants or charm bracelets etc.

I’ve painting in mind for them, using in two ways. One is to use them as a stencil for watercolours to add shapes and paint round to reveal shapes, and the other, my first thought is to use them with wax.

I love painting with wax, and have done several where the wax is on board, applied thickly in layers and I’ve blended the colours and then embedded things in it.

With these I’m thinking lots of sepia, soft yellows and oranges, and maybe a bit of dark crimson for contrast. Embed a few pieces, pull out others to leave shapes behind, and maybe use some clock hands too, or small tools such as tiny screwdrivers, nails and screws, bolts etc leaving some in and using others for shapes left behind revealing under colours when object removed.

I didn’t expect them to be so heavy, they aren’t flimsy plastic but solid metal and there are lots of different prices in this collection.

Stars: five, more fun things for the craft box.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly

pretty metal buckets, car mattress, and some coloured solar lights

Flower Pots , RIOGOO Iron Hanging Flower Pots,Balcony Garden Pots Wall Planters Metal Bucket Flower Holders – Portable Style ( 8 PCS )

Product Details

These are cute and caught youngest grandson Brennan’s eye. He’s five and has been having fun planting seeds with me this year. These pots don’t have a hole in the base so could theoretically get waterlogged in heavy rain, but if that worries you just tap a few holes in the base with a nail, its easy to do. The suggestions of peppers and tomatoes is a little hard to believe though, they really aren’t big enough for that but single flower plants, a few radishes, mixed leaves for lettuce, spring onions or some pretty herbs such as basil, chives, thyme and oregano would be perfect.

We intend taking them to the beach…probably 😉 but they would look great set with matching colour pansies or some geraniums, lobelia, marigolds or similar, or used in the home to store pens, paperclips etc or even in kitchen to hold cooking utensils or cutlery. They’ll brighten up anywhere.
You could also put a few tea lights in them along with a couple of drops of citronella or lavender oil to keep away midges when sitting out on warm summer evenings. ( Hah! That’s not a joke BTW we’ve had one or two nice evenings)

They’re made of metal and painted in eight different colours. You’ve a choice of either handles or hooks, we’ve got the ones with handles.
I’d have liked to see an option of single colours, so for example you could have eight red ones, eight yellow ones ( Bren’s favourite colour, the yellow one has been claimed by him already).
They’re inexpensive but pretty robust, and wont dent easily.

Stars: Five, so many ideas for these.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


ETTG Auto Car Inflatable Air Mattress Bed for Back Seat of Cars SUV’s and Mid-size Trucks Outdoor Travel

ETTG Auto Car Inflatable Air Mattress Bed for Back Seat of Cars SUV's and Mid-size Trucks Outdoor Travel (Black)

I wasn’t really sure about this, how easy it would be to set up but it really was simple.
The box has everything included, the mattress and pillow, the charging unit and the adapters to fit the valves.

My eldest grandson set it up, he’s 17, and he said it was very easy and quick to inflate. He tried it out for fun, lying on it and said  it was comfortable. If you have a long journey, go camping, going to a music weekend or something this will be perfect, it means you can quickly convert the car to a useful sleeping area.

Its got a decent size mattress which is flocked on one side, that means sheets or sleeping bags won’t slide round. When that happens its hard to get comfortable! There’s also two pillows, again flocked on one side. The mattress is shaped to fit in foot well of car and give good support, and you can adjust the air pressure to your own preference.
The images show it set up in a Peugeot 307sw estate.

Stars: Five, great idea for outdoors folk.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.
XIAOHE 23 Ft 50 LED Solar Powered Fairy String Lights Soft Lighting Globe Ball light for Outdoor, Garden, Christmas,Home Decor(Colourful)

I love solar lights, got them all round the garden. I’ve currently got some coloured single solar lights in ground in front garden, been left out all year round for over two years now, six singles stuck in some large plant tubs, a pretty coloured set hung across dining room window with charger on window sill, some simple copper wire ones wound round a star shape out in front garden, and recently had four new sets. The family joke its going to look like Blackpool illuminations soon in my garden.
They’ve all been going well, I simply ensure charger best placed for sun whether inside or out and they glow well into the early hours.

These have black wire, set with lights, attached to charger/battery and a stake for placing into ground. The back has the off/on button and a mode button to change from always on to flashing.
I do find with these buttons its not easy to tell if working, and I don’t want to go trundling round the garden in the dark fiddling. What I usually do is take them under a table/into a cupboard, place something like a thick cloth against the front of the charger and they should light up, giving you a chance to see they work and to choose the mode.
You can hang the charger unit up rather than place in ground if you get the sun better that way.

This set is  50 LED small frosted globe lights, on a 23 ft string. That includes the  7-feet lead to charger. You don’t need as much as with electric mains ones, as it only needs to reach a sunny spot.

These are inside, I’d intended them for garden but Bren has claimed them so they’re in his bedroom with the charger set ion the window sill. They look really attractive as soon as it gets dark, lasting well into the early hours at this time of year when the sun is strong.

Stars: Five, pretty and practical.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

mixed bunch, racing car track, small craft mounts, 45lt backpack, vintage pendant light, hairsalon gown.



Product Details

Brennan, the youngest grandchild who’s five, was really excited when I told him this was coming. Sadly, despite the very strong cardboard packing box it was damaged, and the track broken in one section. Not the sellers fault of course, and a courier friend of mine said people would be horrified if they saw how parcels handled. In order to keep costs down they maximise volume and simply throw across warehouse to right direction, not carry them….
I contacted sellers with photos and they organised a very swift replacement which was fine when it arrived.

Its very simple to set up, simply open out place cars on track and wind away! There are little extras, the cardboard sides landscapes and some plastic signs etc. We opted out of using the landscape sides as they kept falling over onto the track, but the signs added some authenticity.
We had great fun racing, as its works by kinetic energy, through winding the controls each person controls the speed of their car, and it takes time to learn just where you need to slow to avoid shooting off the track.
There are lap counters too so you can go for a ten lap race for example, and just play without needing to keep counting laps.
The big frustration was  the white car, like another reviewer we found this stopped randomly, and we needed to keep tweaking the metal tags underneath. That’s really frustrating when its a two car race, and led to some tantrums and moans, but by using the other car and a timer we could still have races. I’ve taken off half a star for that as though the white car could be used for fun, it wasn’t any good to race with ( unless you sneakily assign it to some poor unsuspecting family member and then beat them hollow!!)

What I love about this set:
It comes with its own carry case, simply open up, place cars on track and its ready. No bits to slot together , no essential parts to lose. The tiniest of kids can do it once shown how.
It uses kinetic energy, no batteries needed, just human power.
As its power by individuals it really is a race of skill, learning to control speed and not go off the track. Teaches observation, accuracy, and patience
It tires users out quickly! Its surprising just how much energy is expanded just winding the controllers round, much better than some battery operated toy.
Its fun and quick, Bren has his eye on the version with a huge loop to go through….that’s shown on the case along with other versions, but not currently available.
When its time for lunch/tea/bed just put cars and signs in centre of track, slot cover over and fold up. That it, 30 seconds and its done 😉

Mudder Set of 3 Paper Film Frame 3 Inches Wall Hanging DIY Film Decor Borders for Fujifilm Instax Mini 25/ 50s/ 7s/ 8/ 90 Instant Film

More fun things for the craft box.

This is a real bargain. Kids love to draw and paint and tuck what they’ve done in one of these, use the string and hang it up and it looks really good. transform their marks into an artwork.
Mounts really make a difference to a painting, and though these are fun for the kids I’ve already been thinking of a series of artworks I’d like to do, maybe something like a month of flowers from the garden so July would have one with a rose, one with a marigold, one with a foxglove…you get the idea. Or you could get the kids on a beach theme and one do a spade, another a bucket and another some sea shells. You  could then frame behind glass in one long frame and it would make a painting they’d be proud of, and a great gift for relatives.
You could use some pressed flowers, or even some sand, a few tiny stone and shells, and create a unique holiday memento. My mind is bursting with ideas having seen these. I’ve not been painting over last few years due to physical restrictions, I tend to do big artworks and just can’t manage now, but after seeing these I’m thinking I might try some small works. Be fun anyway.

Its a set of three packs each having the same ten colours, so there are three of each colour and making thirty in total, and I think they’re a real bargain. The card is a decent thickness and weight, not thin and flimsy. The pegs too are painted so if you’re stringing them you can have matching or contrasting colours. You could tuck tiny photos in too, either singly or in groups.

Soarpop Waterproof Backpack, 40+5L Multipurpose Outdoor Hiking/Climbing Backpack
Product Details



Excellent sturdy backpack, coming in three colours. We have it in purple.

Its clear when you get it that its been designed for some rugged use. Its made of wear resistant 1680D high density nylon – to me I’ve no idea what all that means, but my description is that its a very tough close weave fabric that seems water resistant and well able to withstand the scrapes and plucks from thorny branches one encounters out hiking!

Its a decent size for a few days away, and depending on just how much you need to carry.
We were hoping to use this for Beth who’s on a week long guide camp this week, but the list of things they need was so long, including basics like mug, plate, bowl and cutlery that it wasn’t quite big enough, though the next sized one we had was huge and her things seemed lost in it. Its a shame as it would have been so much easier for her to carry this one. She’s 15 and this is a perfect size if only the list was shorter….
Its got lots of straps and hooks for hanging extras on – she has to take sleeping bag, and of course while it would have fitted well on this, the one she has means its going to be uncomfortable, hanging very low on her 😦

Its got one huge main compartment, perfect for several days worth of clothes, a smaller multi use section, maybe keep wash-bag or dirty clothes there? Then there’s two more smaller pockets, great for phone, keys, maps and purse etc, plus of course others inside the main section, along with a handy water bottle mesh pocket on the otside.
The straps are fully adjustable, and the shoulder and back is well padded for comfort.
Its a practical and smart bag for a few days away, and very robust and hard wearing, despite being under 2lb ( less than a kilo) in weight.

Vintage Retro Edison Loft Pendant Light, Makion Retro Industrial Ceiling Lamp, Incandescent Bulb, Painted Iron Umbrella Shade, Country Style Lamp for Warehouse, Restaurant, Bar, Counter, Attic, Bookstore, Bedroom ,Hallway, Home Decoration with Bulb included(Black E26/E27) [Energy Class A++]

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If you love all things vintage you’ll love this.

I’ve just redone my kitchen, back to basics and its got a kind of classic look now. I’d just bought two pendant light fittings which I love but this would have been perfect. I may yet buy another of these and change them or perhaps put this in another room. My home was build in 1682 so anything vintage suits it well.
There’s everything you need here, pendant, cord, the bit at the top where it connects to the ceiling *ceiling rose maybe?*, along with a free gift vintage Edison screw light bulb. That’s the bit that really makes this special, though as its a gift if its broken it won’t be replaced 😦
You can use any Edison screw bulb that fits, but I don’t know if you can get ones the same as this, and modern ones won’t give the same feel. Hopefully there are replacements around.

The fitting itself feels robust and solid, and isn’t a thin flimsy one so should last very well, and will be perfect to complete a vintage look room.

Salon Client Gown Hairdressing Gowns Kimono Style- 43″ Long (Purple)

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I dye my hair – keep out the silver!! – but as a messy person invariably I spend ages getting dye off my skin too, especially now my hair is waist length. Getting it off my back isn’t easy so this is a real help.
Its a good quality fabric, and won’t let dye seep through. Its actually very attractive with its kind to two tone purple/crimson colour. Its a decent size but I needed a tie, though the image shows one there wasn’t one in the pack I received. I know its easy to use a belt or something but one with the gown would have been better.
Its water repellent as it says, though I don’t know how long that lasts after washing. I’m not so worried about water though – its the dye I want to keep out and the close weave should ensure that. Even though its water repellent its not clammy in the way plastic gowns are and so its comfortable to wear.

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archery set and sports/outdoor bags

Outdoors Team Recurve Bow 20lb Recurve Youth Archery Set Kids Bow

Youngest grandson Brennan is in a Robin Hood phase currently, so this really appealed to him and its has great use in the few days we’ve owned it. He’s 5, but it’s also been used by friends and relatives of varying ages from 5 to 62!

Its easy to set up, simply place the string ( I can’t think of exactly what its called…so string will do) into the ends of the bow and that’s it. We didn’t get the arm or finger guards in the set, but it came with two suction arrows and two with points. Strict instructions to avoid pointing them at animals, people or my polytunnel was given with those!
Brennan stuck to the suction arrows, just playing with how far he could shoot. He’s is ambidextrous and it worked well with either arm/hand combo. We’re going to make a proper target for him soon as time allows!
Daz, the 17 year old grandson soon bent the metal tips on the pointed arrows, they’re a sort of aluminium and fairly soft but the berk shot them at wood….#Roll-eyes

We’ve all played with it including my big bro who sentarrows into the trees, walnut first time, then tried for another section of garden and sent it into a sycamore. You can see him throwing a plank to knock it down!!
Having seen us using it, and taken it to his friends house Brennan declares he’s still the best archer 🙂 Its become a great summer toy, and excellent value for money.
Up to now they’ve been making bows and arrows from branches in my woods but they just don’t work anywhere near as well as these. We’ve going to collect some stick and feathers now and make some authentic looking arrows ( though Daz is banned from sharpening the tips!)

One fletch did peel off an arrow after the tree episode but was glued back easily with some PVA.

G4Free Duffle Bag for Travel Luggage Gym Sport Camping -Lightweight Foldable Into Itself 

Excellent bag, light weight but with a huge capacity.

It’s great for gym and sports, but not one you’d want to take hiking, the straps aren’t really suited to that.
It has carry handles or a shoulder strap, and is made from a tough but light ripstop,  weather resistant fabric. Once opened out there’s a massive main interior with a really useful plastic lined section section suitable for sweaty clothes and shoes!

Folded up it still has a couple of accessible zipped pockets great for phone, keys and purse/wallet.  Its very easy to fold back up – some bags take too much working out to be convenient, but this is simple. You do need to take care not to catch fabric in the zip though – I did that both times I put it back but its simple to carefully ease fabric out, and its nota big issue.

Its a really useful bag (I’ve been reading Thomas the Tank Engine to youngest grandson – that Really Useful phrase is embedded in my brain!) suitable for so many purposes, gym and swim, shopping, sports and PE, its so small its great to take Just In Case you need it.

G4Free Multifunctional Unisex Ultra Lightweight Water Resistant Packable Backpack for Hiking Cycling Camping Sports Daypack, Foldable Into Waist Bag

This bag caught my eye,its very lightweight and  it folds up and has waist straps to carry, then unfolds into a backpack.

The shoulder straps are quite thin, so its not one you’d want to carry things in all day,but perfect for short trips to gym etc, or for picnics or shopping when you don’t want to carry a huge emoty back with you.
Its made of a strong rip stop, water resistant fabric and the main section has a two way zip. It comes in four colours, we’ve the dark grey which is very smart. There’s so much space in this bag, and yet it rolls up really quickly into a handy waist bag, hardly noticeable to carry when empty. Even when round waist it has a section for keys, phone, wallet etc which is helpful.

G4Free Lightweight Folding Sports Gym Travel Duffle Bag Overnight Weekend Holdall

G4Free Lightweight Folding Sports Gym Travel Duffle Bag Overnight Weekend Holdall

This bag comes in four colours and unfolds from a tiny pouch carry bag to a massive strong duffle bag.

We have the blue one and its a vivid, rich turquoise colour. Its got a choice of carry handles or an adjustable shoulder strap. Its made of a strong rip stop, water resistant fabric. There’s so much space in this bag, and yet it rolls up really quickly, just roll both sides to middle and tuck into pouch.
Keeping this with you in your gym or shopping bag means you’ll always have a roomy bag to hand if needed.
Of course you might just want to make it your main gym bag, its great for t hat too, rolling up small to fit in a locker while you’re training.
You could tuck it into holiday cases ready for the extras we all seem to bring back, and especially important of you’re flying it won’t take up space or load additional weight to be charged for.

I really like the lifetime guarantee – of course that depends on whether the company really mean it, words are easy, and whether they’ll still be trading when you need them but its always good to see a company with confidence in their product especially when many are trying to flout the law with three month guarantees.

Stars: Five, very handy bag for many purposes.

Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.