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Cushion cover, and some random purchases…..

Mermaid Pillowcase, Haoyii Glitter Sequin Cushion Cover Sparkling Throw Pillow Case Pillowslip For Car Bedroom Decorative, 16″x16″

Perfect cushion cover for my sparkle and glitter addiction!! This is a fun cover, doesn’t have the cushion in though so I found an old one I had, and tucked that in.
It comes in 11 different colours, each with a contrast colour backing to the sequins.
Its got a neat hidden zip – so well hidden that I couldn’t find it at first 🙂
The dual sided sequins are on one side of the cover, with the back being a plain but matching colour fabric.

Once you’ve brushed all the sequins one way then you simply run fingers down to “draw” on the cushion. Straight up and down works best, curves need to be carefully flicked out but its fun and reminds me of those old etch-a-sketch toys we used to have when I was a kid.
When you want to change pattern just swipe sequins up one way with hand and its ready for next picture. Kids will have great fun.

One thing I noted, not important but just for ref- when I pulled one way down on the sequins it gave a really odd sensation, slightly stomach churning in the way that lifts can do sometimes – I’ve no idea why??

I can’t find any washing instructions so I’d carefully hand wash in warm water, not hot and air dry. I hate hand washing and usually just use a cool, gentle wash in the machine but this is small and won’t take much to do.

Stars: Five, fun way to change the feel of a room.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

50 Wonderful Multicoloured ‘Harlequin’ Wallflowers (Bare Root)

I always mean to grow these from seed but always forget!! So amazon came in handy yet again….

50 Wonderful Multicoloured 'Harlequin' Wallflowers (Bare Root)

Arrived well packed and I’m hoping to get them out over next few days.
They’re in bundles and I’ve put them in water as soon as they arrived. Can’t blame the seller if they dry/die out and I’ve not done my bit!
Its amazing how hardy these are though, how they can spend time dried out and yet still recover, but by taking that extra care the plants will be stronger. There’s a few yellowing leaves but I thjink that’s inevitable.
The proof will be how well they grow and if I remember I’ll come back and edit. For now though I’m happy with them. Loved the bonus bulbs included too. These look good with tulips, they help cover the tulip foliage which looks pretty ugly when it dies down.
NB: the smell – awful, really stinky like rotten cabbages so keep them outside 😉 They are related to cabbages/brassicas so If you grow them close together they will both succumb to club root if its in your soil. Best keep them apart then if one gets it the others won’t, and no risk of cross transferring germs.

SanDisk Ultra 16 GB microSDHC Class 10 Memory Card up to 48 Mbps

There’s not much to say, wanted this for the kindle fire which had a stupidly small memory. Brennan ( age 6) gets irritated that I have to keep deleting his games form the aps, as I run out of memory – the Fire – not me personally, though a brain disk would be good 😉 Tucked in into the slot, fire recognised it all all grimbles are over. Peace for a small price.
I’ve just bought another to hopefully download some music onto for my speaker instead of keep streaming from my phone. Of course they’re good for cameras etc too – seems a long while since it was films for cameras that needed developing and floppy discs for PCs and yet no so many years back!

Bluesky Peel Off Series Nail Polish Number Top and Base Combined 10 ml

Found out that it’s easy to do shellac nails at home last year, but getting the stuff off is really difficult. Then I recently discovered this.
I’ve been using it as base coat then applying either polish from the peel off range or from soak off – both work.
I’m using the soak off top coat too. As the base peels easily the rest comes with it and its far quicker and simpler that sitting for ages soaking finger tips in 100% acetone remover!

Pictures show this as base coat cured under lamp for about 60-90 secs, then two coats soak off polish and one coat soak off top coat. As the top coat gets used up I’ll stick to this base/top one for both but there’s still a lager range of colours in the soak off than peel off so I’ll continue with those.
One thing you do need to rememeber is to wear gloves when hands are immersed in water for a time, such as washing up or washing hair. Just showering seems to be fine, but its the immersion that loosens the polish. Remove by either soaking hands for 5-10 mins in soapy water or as I do simply peel off nails are the edges loosen after 10 days or so.


Songmics Black PU High Back Office Executive Swivel Computer Chair Armchair OBG21B

Songmics Black PU High Back Office Executive Swivel Computer Chair Armchair OBG21B

I’ve had several review items now from Songmics and all have performed well.
What I really like is that everything from them is part pre assembled, and so its very easy to finish putting things together.
This chair is supposed to need two people to assemble,  but my friend’s 16 year old son did it in about 15 mins without any help. That also accounts for why I’ve no photos of parts before assembly, he was so quick I hadn’t realised he’d started when he’d finished!

Still, the chair itself is perfect. Comes with anti loose screws for the wheels, though they should still be checked periodically. It also has a couple of spare wheels and some screws and an Allen key for assembly.

I’m a wheelchair user so each morning sees me sitting in that doing emails etc. they are not designed for comfort – I have a memory foam cushion I bought that helps, but other than that I can’t do much else.
Now I’ve this chair it’s so much nicer, more comfortable.
I like that its got wheels, so I can slide back and forth or from side to side as needed to reach drawers and other items. Having wheels makes me feel better too, I know I can reach my wheelchair still, for example, if someone moves it and not be trapped where I’m sitting.
The padding is perfect, deep on the seat and back, with some on arm rests. Its quite solid but has enough give to be comfortable without being so soft you get stuck in it…
The cover is a wipe clean PU leather in a matt black. Having looked up PU leather a while back I now know it is leather, not leather effect and so this should be fairly hard wearing.
From Wiki Bicast leather (also known as bi-cast leather, bycast leather, or PU leather, sometimes described as split leather) is a material made with a split leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane (hence the term “PU leather”) that is applied to the surface and then embossed. Because it is only used for the backing, the leather portion of this material is generally not visible in finished goods made from bicast..
It can be adjusted both for height,  and the backrest can be moved for most comfortable position.
There’s some kind of gas cylinder that does the height, I wasn’t sitting in it when i put it higher and it shot up quickly!! Be warned 😉

I’ve seen these before and wondered what the hype was, but having used it now each morning for a week it really does make a difference having something that’s supportive to my particular needs, and I’m converted.
The grandkids might want this for their PC’s but tough – its staying with me!!
Stars: Five, classic style and very comfortable

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Foldable imitation leather ottoman with storage (Brown, 38 x 38 x 38 cm)

Foldable imitation leather ottoman with storage (Brown, 38 x 38 x 38 cm)

When this arrived in a square box, just a few inches deep I was a bit puzzled, and convinced it wouldn’t be very strong. No issues though, its unfolds really easily to an open square, with an insert to place at the base which keeps the shape. Add on the padded top and you’ve an attractive and functional storage box.

I’ve got it in the kitchen for shoes and bags ready for shopping, but you could have it for books, magazines, toys, crafts if you do that, ditto knitting and sewing.
Its far sturdier than I thought it would be for something that assembles in seconds, and I could find 101 uses for it.

It doubles as a handy stool too and as we always seem to gravitate towards the kitchen extra seating is always welcome. Its in a dark choclate brown, leather effect fabric, and though that tends to suit most decors it would be great it it came in other colours.

Stars: Five,perfect for many uses, functional and useful.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Star Wars VII The Force Awakens Pencils, Pen, Rubber, Ruler, Sharpener and Tin Pencil Case Stationery Set


Brought these for youngest grandchild’s 6th birthday. He loves all things Star Wars, I love giving creative gifts so this suits us both. Fairly priced I think given how expensive branded goods are far too often. I know these will get well used.

Burns Alert Chicken 6 Kg

both dogs love it, the price is excellent, (no VAT as ist classed as a working dog feed!!) It leaves them with shiny coat and clean teeth and is easily digested, no upset stomach. given how vile dog cr ap can smell when they have the wrong food, and how expensive vet bills are when they have upset stomach its worth paying that bit extra for a quality food.

Ashleigh & Burwood Small Fragrance Oil Replacement Wicks

The first one of these that came with the lamp lasted ages, then I dropped the second one so I thought it was my fault when it wouldn’t light after a short while. I’ve had two more since. they’re all perfect for the first few days then just don’t want to stay alight. I have to heat them by keeping the lighter on til the stone heats 😦 Don’t know why, and don’t know what else I can do.

Kettle and omelette maker

A couple of recent purchases.

My daughter found this and bought one, and I was so impressed I got one too – since then son no 2 has one and another couple of freinds. Its idiot proof, simply mix a couple of eggs, little salt and pepper and whack in for 6-8 mins and thats it.
No need for oil or fat though you can add a little butter for flavour is you want. To the basic I’ve added combos of herbs ( basil, chives, parsley, oregano,thyme ) cheese, ham, tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes (best pre-cooked) peppers etc
Two lge, 3 med eggs fills both sides leaving a lovely fluffy omelette, and the pan just needs a quick wipe out to clean. Add a little salad and hey presto, quick supper.
I’ve also tried cooking pancakes, I added walnuts and maple syrup, and they worked well, though I made my mix a bit too thick. You could use it for other things too – roasted veg, poached eggs, use a little water and drop eggs in whole.
Its a great little device for a tiny cost. Was a tenner when I bought back in Aug – not checked price today

My kettle died, I wanted a cheap replacement that was easy to use and most important lightweight. With my old one though it looked gorgeous it was heavy to lift and I found it hard to remove the lid, and as it was on the top if the kettle was still hot the steam made it uncomfortable. This one is light, easy to balance and the lid flips up to fill. As I have arthritis in my hands and wrists that means it easier for me to use.
The only problems I had was the filter that “fits” in the spout. the damn think kept falling out eat time I filled it so eventually I binned it. So long as the limescale is cleaned out regularly its fine without. I take a plastic washing up brush every now and then and scour out the inside, that keeps the scaling down to a minimum. When it does need cleaning I just use some white vinegar, leave overnight, tip out, rinse well and that’s it.

A few more recent purchases

Gorgeous pretty netting with tiny sparkly sequins stuck on.Its quite a stiff fabric. The green is a very deep viridian/emerald colour and I was really looking for a softer green but couln’t find one. I’ve got a double length used to cover clothes that hang in open on a rail in my bedroom, stop them getting dusty. And it satisfies my sparkle addiction!!

Henne Color Auburn Henna Hair Colouring Cream 90 ml

Second time I’ve used this product, last time I chose copper, this time went for the auburn. My hair is dark brown and some grey ( I keep trying to call it silver but no-one seems convinced…) This covers it well, the grey comes out quite bright but looks good as I’ve not much. If you’ve a lot of grey you might find this shade a bit too gingery though.
My hair is very straight and waist length, one box was fine. It leaves it really soft and shiny, which is what I like. I find as I age my hair loses some of that lovely mirror like shine it used to have and a little colour puts that back.
Its really easy to use, everything you need is in the box, though I use my own disposable gloves as these are that one size fits all plastic type. They made it quite hard to grip things. I spread a little on the roots first, leave that ten mins of so then cover the rest, wrap in cling film, leave for another twenty mins and rinse off. That’s it, simples. I wipe any staining off my skin with baby wipes as it happens, though organised people will remember to put a little vaseline of something round forehead first. I’ve never claimed to be organised though, so wiping spills as they happen is my way.
Its got a pleasant smell, is so easy, not like the powered Henna I used to buy when I was a teen….and far less messy!

Biona Organic Coconut Oil Cuisine, 470ml


I wanted this for my horse and me. We both get bitten to death by the damn midges, and as she was confined to a small pen, due to hoof abscess she couldn’t get under the trees, her usual escape. That just happens to be next to the garden ponds…midge heaven.

Fly repellents for equines are a) horrendously expensive b) don’t last more than a few hours c) full of all sorts of chemicals. I just mix in some fly repelling essential oils, with some healing ones too, then this is perfect for both of us, keeps midges away, helps keep flies off cuts and helps them heal by keeping skin soft, and of course its waterproof. I spread lots through her mane and tail too so she can swoosh them at the flies. Its not perfect but certainly works out less expensive, less harmful and is better than any I’ve bought.

Oils I use are a combo of lavender, lemon ( not too much – she doesn’t like it) Sage, tea tree, eucalyptus, cedar, calendula. they’are all either fly repelling or healing oils. You can use whatever you want, the net has lots of info on properties of different ones. I let the cocoanut oil come to room temp so it’s liquid, drop in the essential oils and shake and that’s it. Stays in my mobility scooter basket all summer ready to use. Once its gone solid I use a sponge to apply and keep it in the jar so it gets well soaked ( I keep some in another jar for me, as hers gets a bit horse scented after a few times of putting sponge back!)
Its really good for skin, a great face, body, hand cream and adding a few essential oils means customising your own to what fragrance, purpose you want.

Stuff I’ve bought

I always mean to review more of this too – been having a go at past purchases….the first is bandage, used for when Muska had hoof abscess, but useful for all first aid boxes

Product Details

My elderly mare had a hoof abscess, this costs a lot more from the vet and as she needed poultice changed daily for a couple of weeks this was perfect. Do pull loose and gently roll up enough before you need it though, trying to hold up a hoof with a dressing on the base, and unravel/find end of bandage isn’t easy. Especially when you’re leaning over doing it from a mobility scooter. Thankfully Muska, my Icelandic mare, is very patient! I keep some to hand all the while, its great for humans too not just pets!

NB: Its very stretchy but don’t tension it too tight as that can affect blood flow – not comfortable and not what helps healing.

Had this sent for review purposes.
Red light comes on but doesn’t go green and pen won’t heat. – shrug – so I can’t test it.
I’ve emailed sellers twice, items do sometimes get damaged in transit, and I believe sellers should have a chance to correct that before complaining. Sadly I’ve not had any response to my emails, so I can’t review and have simply left a one star rating.

Some nail polish fun stuff..


this was fun to use. I used it over shellac polish, works best over a dark base. I prefer the silver, felt the gold looked a bit like my nails had turned septic…..though everyone else seemed to love it. Easy to do, apply base coat, dark coat, push on the dust and then a top coat to seal. with shellac/gels and UV lamp lasts 10 days or more, not tried with ordinary polish cos I wear that out far too quick and haven’t the patience to reapply when it chips and wears a couple of days later.
You could mask off stripes and have fun, or maybe some stars or moon cutouts.

Lamp fragrance stuff

Product Details

The one that came with my lamp a couple of years back lasted ages, but then stopped lighting. I ordered a new one and it broke very quickly, the wire came off and wouldn’t light..I’d dropped it on the floor so thought it was my fault and ordered another. That was just 9 days ago and from a great start it’s now iffy about lighting.Sometimes will sometimes won’t, regardless of how much liquid is in the lamp – so I stand there like a lemon heating it with a lighter….#notgood

Ashleigh & Burwood Orange & Cinnamon Lamp Fragrance 500ml

I’ve had some fabulous fragrances from A&B but this is overly dominated by cinnamon. I love the smell of cinnamon – combined with something else, and orange balances it perfectly. sadly its drowned out here by the cinnamon. wish I’d read more reviews before ordering but after maybe a dozen different fragrances this is the first I really am not happy with. Its not Awful, just not well balanced. I’m kind of hurrying to use it up at the moment so I can justify buying something different!

Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp Fragrances 3x 180ml - Spicy & Woody Collection

I thought I’d try this, as I love woody, spicy fragrances but wasn’t sure which to buy. At least this way I’m not stuck with using up loads I don’t really like ( see the orange and cinnamon one)
I loved- really loved – the moroccan spice one, am kind of dislike/ indifferent to the oriental spice one and hate the midnight oud one.That smells like old ladies fragrance – and the older I get the more “old lady” gets dislikeable. I don’t want to be one of those pink rinse, saggy knitted cardis, droopy tights, sickly smelling types, and this fragrance reminds me of those. I’m going for the Henna,velvet,lace and glitter, soft leggings and spicy scented people – I hope!

Even though I didn’t really like 2 of the 3 fragrances I’ve given it five stars as its been a good way to find new fragrances without splashing out on a big bottle. I love the flower ones, especially the roses, for spring and summer, but this time of year I turn to the warm spicy ones and I’m definitely getting the moroccan spice in a bigger bottle.


Songmics White Wall / Door-Mount Mirrored Jewellery Cabinet with LED Light JBC97W

Songmics White Wall / Door-Mount Mirrored Jewellery Cabinet with LED Light JBC97W

I’ve had a few review items from Songmics and the quality has always been excellent. They always arrive very well packed, and require very little assembly, a great plus in my book!.

With this cabinet once we’d unpacked all that was needed to assemble was to screw the hangers to the back, to hang over my door. There are holes in rear, and rawl-plugs and screws supplied so that it can be wall hung if preferred.
There’s a strip of sticky back Velcro to prevent it slipping around if hung over a door. I didn’t find that was a great success, as the door magnet is so strong that when I opened cabinet it pulled the Velcro off the door 🙂 That can be replaced easily by a couple of magnets or a small bracket at some point though, so its not a big issue.

I love the space inside, lots of room for all my jewellery, perfumes, creams etc.
It has a lock on the side so would be a good place to keep medicines etc out of reach of small children.
The door closes by a pretty strong magnet, and the key is a simple twist-to-lock one, so if its locked and key put up high somewhere, medicines and anything else you want to keep away from small people are safe.
There’s a mirror inside at the top, and a light that comes on as soon as cabinet is opened. That requires three AAA batteries ( not supplied).
There’s another mirror full length along the front that’s very useful for me, being one I can see into from my wheelchair for a change. Mostly all I can see is the top of my head – if I’m lucky 😉
It took just a few minutes to assemble and hang, and is currently on my bathroom door. Now I just need to gather up all the bits of jewellery that are in drawers etc round the house…

Stars: Five, great space saving idea for jewellery, perfumes, medicines and scarves etc

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Dimmable USB Rechargeable Touch Desk Lamp, Gel Nail Polish 4PCS Kits Soak Off

Light Desk Lamp,Smater Dimmable USB Rechargeable Touch Desk Lamp For Birthday/Christmas/Party

Product Details

This is a fun light, but also surprisingly functional when on highest setting. I didn’t expect such a bright light from such a small device.

Its currently in my living room, doing duty as a useful table lamp. We’ve a large room so chairs and coffee table sit away from walls and of course away from electric sockets so unless we want trailing extension leads we can’t have a light there.
You don’t always want a bright ceiling or wall light on, but a more subtle one from a table lamp and this is perfect for that.

Its charged via USB cable – a short one is supplied but not the wall adapter. Still – most homes have a few of them around or you can use PC or laptop to charge.
You can also use a battery bank, we’ve a few of them and they’re perfect for things like this ( or electric toothbrushes that charge via USB when you’ve no electric sockets in the bathroom!

Its pretty simple to use, and full instructions are given, but basically its just switch on and choose a setting. I’m still finding my away around all the light changing and dimming options – for a small device its got lots of choices.

It takes 4 hours to fully charge, and the battery life is between 6 to 48 hours depending on which lighting option is chosen.
Once its switched on via the power button you can use the slider to dim or brighten and press the power button to select single colours at a static light.
If you want them moving randomly or sequentially, or flashing fast or slow then a long press on the M button selects that.
Its fun to play around with and change the mood of the lighting to what you want. I’ve tried to show some options via video – but that’s not my strong point so apologies now if its a bit hard to follow!

Its great for a kids room, no worries over hot bulbs, no cables to trip, no fiddling with sockets and of course no broken bulbs! Just a pretty, soft light.

Stars: Five, fun and easy to use, useful and unusual lamp.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Gellen Brand Gel Nail Polish 4PCS Kits Soak Off UV LED Colour Varnish Manicure Nail Salon Set 8ml #1

I love painted nails but have always struggled to get them looking good, and as for staying nice more than a day or two, forget it. Then last year I was offered a UV lamp for review and its opened up a new world to me. Shellac nails really do last two weeks, even if like me you’re always grubbing in the garden, feeding and grooming a horse, playing with the dogs. I find that the growth shows at the nail bed before the actual polish wears.

I started with one coat my usual base coat, cure for 30 seconds, then two thin coats of this polish, curing each for 2 mins, then a top coat of my usual brand and cure that for 60 seconds. That’s it, takes about 20 mins and stays good for two weeks or more with care.

I’d never had a professional manicure so looked online for advice and videos of how to do this. I usually pay around £6 for one bottle polish so these sets are great value and I love that there’s a couple of metallic ones included in this one  – they look gorgeous, I’ve a few already and tend to wear them all the while.
The metallics can be worn alone but I find they look better applied over a drak base and in this set the founr can mix and match, with the metallics going over either of the single color paints.

The colour applies very easily and is rich and dense. I’ve found thin coats are better than thick ones, and as they dry so quickly its easy to just add another coat if you feel two doesn’t give the depth of colour you want, though even with thin coats I’ve found thats usually fine.
With the metallics its easy to “place” the sparekles where you want, if they simple cover oters leaving a bare place, just lift off and move before using the dryer.

Don’t sit outside in the sun ( hah -its winter now, no fear!) as I did in the summer as the UV rays from the sun start to sure the polish very quickly, and I had lumps starting on the brush before I even applied it.
Lesson learned, shade only or indoors 😉

You do need 100% acetone remover, the usual stuff just won’t do it, and it takes longer as the nails have to soak for ten mins of so. In fact it takes around as long to remove as apply!  Lasting so long though its time saved really. If the colour still looks good, and there is no lifting or chips you could just apply another top coat to renew the glossy shine and make them look  good again.

I have been experimenting with peel off polishes and base, and found that that using a peel off base makes the polish Much Much easier to remove, even if you use a soak off colour polish over it. I love that part, what isn’t so good is that you need to rememeber to wear gloves when cleaning, wahsing up, washing hair etc. anything that has hands in water for longer than a minute or so. You’re supposed to soak for 10-15 mins in soapy water to remove, but I found washing hair and washing up loosened them and a couple came off, so am trying to remember to wear rubber gloves.
I’ve been using the peel off top coat, and am going to try it with the soak off one instead though I suspect it’ll have the same result. Of course stick to the soak off that needs acetone to remove and its not an issue.

Stars: five, works well and great value.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Bluetooth Earbuds, Double Walled Cafetiere

Bluetooth Sports Headphones, MengK Wireless Sport Headphones Magnetic Earbuds In-ear Stereo Earphones with Mic, Secure Fit for Gym, Running, Jogger(Bluetooth 4.1, Sweatproof, Noise Cancelling Headset)

These feel decent quality, not cheap and flimsy, and are attractive to look at, being a simple, neutral black. Bright ones suit some people, others want something like this, more discreet.
There’s nothing about water resistance though the description does describe them as suitable for running and riding, outdoor sports so I would imagine they are fine in light showers, though that’s not been tested.

I found these very comfortable, easy to wear and that they stayed in situ whilst using them. They don’t have those ear brace things many do – I find them a little odd and not very good, these are shaped to fit the ear which feels better to me though of course it does make them a little larger.
Personally I prefer over the head earphones but that doesn’t really work for outdoors, and I’ve noticed the grandkids all prefer these types when they’re on the go.
For sports and outdoor work these sort of ear buds are perfect, for example being able to use them whilst wearing ear defenders as they fit inside, and that’s good when doing monotonous work such as lawn mowing!!
If they do slide out when out running or biking, I’d clip the wire to something on clothes – just in case 🙂 They do have three pairs of spare soft silicon ear-buds (S/M/L)
They are very lightweight and the earpieces have magnets which quickly clip together so if you want to chat to someone its easy to slip them off and hang round neck ready to puck up ands use again. I’ve always thought magnets should be kept away from phones – not sure if that’s correct, but just in case don’t keep them in the same pocket or bag as your phone.

They’re easy to charge via the cable supplied, simply click open the plastic tag on the control section on the ear piece and attach the mini usb to the headset and the other end to pc or a phone/kindle charger.
Cable is supplied but not actual charger, very few do have those included though, and most of us have several kicking around from charging other devices, or you can charge via PC etc.
They have over charging protection built in which is useful. I usually charge my devices overnight so they are ready for the morning.
They have a decent battery life too, so should be fine for a full working day as far as phone calls go, but if you’re playing music you may want to recharge via adapter, or battery bank/car if you’re on the move.  “The polymer 70mAh battery supports approximately 5 hours play time with a 2 hours charging”.

I found them very easy to connect. I followed the instructions given and they quickly paired to my phone, LG Spirit. Poor phone has so many devices paired to it now I really need to rename them, so when I want to use one I know which it is….
Functionally the music is pretty clear, and it retrieves calls very well. I tried a couple of favourites ( REM, and some sixties and seventies assorted songs ) via my phone, and tried out the call function using another phone.
I prefer ones that have controls on the cord rather than earpiece but that’s a small matter and each person has their own preferences. Sound quality is the most important IMO and this is very good and clear.

Stars: Five, simple, inexpensive and effective

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

X-Chef Double Walled Cafetiere – 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker – “Unbreakable” 18/10 Stainless Steel Double-Wall Keep Warm Coffee & Espresso Filter- 1.0 L/34 oz

I love “real” coffee but living alone it seems a waste to get the cafetiere out when I only want one cup as by the time I’m ready for second it’ll be cold. My current one is a simple glass one, so as well as taking care not to break it just doesn’t keep coffee hot.

So I was keen to put this into action. Made my coffee at about 7.45 am and it was lovely. Went back at 11.15 for cup number two ( I got a bit engrossed and left it longer than intended…) and it was still drinkable at 46 degrees C.
That’s down to the twin wall construction which makes it act like a flask. that also keeps the outside cool too so avoiding burns when you forget its hot and pick it up….The lid has an angled section, twist open to pour, twist back to close and keep heat in.

Its a simple device, put in ground coffee, add boiling water, sit lid on leaving plunger up for a few mins, then press down and pour out. If the plunger doesn’t go down easily give it a little longer. Fresh coffee just when you need it.

The stainless steel construction means its sturdy, no worries over breaking and its very easy to clean.
Its a sensible size too at one litre, so when the family are round we can all have coffee without having to do it in stages.
You can use it for teas too, and other things, plant infusions ect. add some fresh or fried herbs, some root ginger or lemon peel and water, let it brew then plunge and pour same as for coffee.

What I’m impressed with too is the two year warranty. Its always good to find a supplier that stands behind the quality of their goods.
Stars: Five, simple, inexpensive and effective

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


RC jeep and battery candles

RC Cars, Mengk 1/24 Scale Remote Control Cars, Electric Off-road 2.4Ghz 4WD High Speed RC Trucks / Buggy S608

Product Details
The grandkids love remote control toys like this, but we’ve had a few that just don’t live up to performance. This one is great though, easy to use (even for nan!!) and what I really like is the availability of parts. That means when bits break – as they inevitably do – its easy to replace and have jeep up and running again.

This is for youngest grandsons birthday – he’s younger than the recommended 14 years of age, but dad or older siblings will be helping him, and he will love it.  He is very good at RC devices.
That did mean though that to keep it hidden for the next couple of weeks I needed to do testing myself, not the grandkids who usually do things like this for me, and my control over these isn’t the greatest!
I can’t do video games either…so bear that in mind when you watch the video. I was trying to control the jeep and hold phone to record at the same time…There are other videos in reviews that show how well it performs far better.
For someone who’s useless at these devices I had no issues getting it up and running, adjusting steering etc and getting it whizzing round the house, over carpets and rugs, onto hard floors and over the bit of wood in doorway between kitchen and dining room that sticks my wheelchair every time.
Shame I can’t connect that up to something like this, save me getting tipped out when the wheels hit the wood and stop and I don’t! I did have some issues finding reverse so did what I should have done first and read the manual….does anyone ever do that before trying stuff out?

It looks good, its great fun and even though Bren is only six I know he’ll love this, and have much use from it. Roxie the dog thought it was fun too!
Its very fast, kids love that, and as it can go over rough surfaces he can take it outside and use round my large garden.
Its OK to use in damp conditions but does need drying after use especially battery areas, before storing. Its not waterproof in itself. Like everything, look after it properly and it will last well.

Though there’s batteries in the main device you will need batteries for the transmitter. Everything else is here, from batteries and charger for main unit, screwdriver ( though mine came fully assembled ready to use), sticker decals and bag for accessories,and a very useful manual.
Getting spares easily is a real bonus and the manual lists parts by name and number.

Stars: Five, great fun for kids and adults!

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Songmics Set of 3 Real Wax Flameless LED Candles with Timer and Remote Control GLC75D

I’ve got some like these already which I love. Mine were much more expensive and the difference does show. Mine look very, very realistic – but they were five times the price of these!
Take your pick, one set that’s so real looking you’ll think they are genuine candles,  or five sets that look pretty good individually and together create a fantastic effect. And are safer to use !

This set has gone to my daughter’s home ready for winter/xmas home decorations. They do look pretty realistic, and you can use the remote to have them flickering or static, and also adjust the brightness of them. You can also use a timer function on them which is useful.
They do each need three AAA batteries, not supplied so do check you’ve got them when you order. The remote has battery included.
They feel very real, with the candles themselves feeling that waxy texture surface of genuine ones.
Once on and with candles drawn they look great. Of course you can put them behind curtains to light up window – something you can’t do with real ones safely.

I love candles, but the real ones do pose a fire risk – I’ve got up in the morning a few times and found I’d forgotten to put a candle out the night before. Oops!
Luckily its always been one of those scented in a jar types and no harm was done, but it is risky so if you’re like me, a bit forgetful, or if you’ve young children or pets who are likely to knock them over play safe and use a set like these.
With lights out and on flicker setting they do look very good. Hopefully my video will show how real they look.

Stars: Five, great value and safe to use.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly