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FollyTea Rooms, Holt, Norfolk.

Not so much a product review today as a place/afternoon tea review,


click link:   website for tearooms

My long time friend Di had a voucher for afternoon tea f0or two for here so kindly invited myself and two other good friends to go with her. Having been there before she knew just how big afternoon tea for two was, and that with a little extra it would be perfect for the four of us. We’ve all been friends for over 20 years now, since we all worked together before I became disabled.

Anyway yesterday we all went out in a typical UK rainy January day and sat in the warmth of the gorgeous conservatory part of the tea rooms. I was in my wheelchair, and there was easy access through the door and across the room. Sometimes it gets such a faff that I’d rather not go, when assistants have to ask everyone to stand up so they can move chairs and tables, or dig through the depths of their storage for ramps that are so little used they’ve forgotten where they are…Its amazing how often even now businesses just aren’t equipped for disabled customers. This is in a tiny, tiny side alley – no roadway, old buildings typical of the Georgian one that comprise Holt, and it shows what can be done with the right attention. I loved it, loved being just like anyone else, able to drop in and sit comfortably with a cup of tea, not made to feel like they’d really I wasn’t there…They’ve got a lovely outdoor area too, we’re already planning a trip back when the sun shines!

Tea for two includes a huge pot of tea, milk, sugar cubes, all in beautiful china containers, not paper and plastic post and sachets, with proper loose leaf tea with strainers. There’s a massive selection of teas to choose, plus coffees and hot chocolates. Di and Zena opted for the Folly Classic, a combination of a strong, flavoursome black tea from the Assam region of India and of refreshing Sri Lankan Dimbula giving a bright and malty brew. A classic pick-me-up at any time of day. (indian assam, sri lankan dimbula black tea) Boil freshly drawn water, infuse leaves for three minutes and drink with or without milk. Sylv had  Mint and Fennel £2.40 per PERSON Classic peppermint for cooling and digestive properties, blended with fennel for a twist on this favourite herbal pick-me-up. Fennel is also well known as a digestive aid and is believed to help with slimming. (Peppermint, Fennel) Heat freshly drawn water to just off the boil, infuse for three minutes and drink without milk. My choice was hard, so many tempting teas but I opted for Folly Violet £2.40 per PERSON Exquisitely fragrant! This unique, nostalgic blend of delicate Ceylon black tea and bright blue cornflowers is full of sweet violet flavour and aroma. The perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea. (Sri Lankan black tea, Blue cornflowers, Flavour) Boil freshly drawn water, infuse for three minutes and drink with or without milk. That was fabulous, a good flavoursome tea with a hint of violet, not enough to overpower, just to enhance. they does those wonderful teas too where a flower unfolds in the water. Click on the menu’s on the website and they download as PDF, with full info and prices.

Then we added sausage rolls for two to the order, and that came as four delicious ones, packed with meat, lovely flaky soft pastry and warmed served with onion marmalade. The tea for two comprised eight rectangular crustless sandwiches, on a variety of breads: egg and mayo, smoked salmon and cream cheese, turkey and mixed leaves, cream cheese and cucumber ( with skin removed). You can see how every little detail is done to make it feel really special. Then there were two plain and two fruit scones – huge ones, with jam and fresh clotted cream, and the finale, the  top tier was a lovely mix of cakes: a meringue with fruits, fruit tartlet, shortbread biscuits, sponge cakes, chocolate sponges, chocolate tiffin style cakes….all wonderfully presented on a huge, three tier cakestand. I took a few pics but it really doesn’t do it justice. Thanks Di, thanks friends, and thanks to the tea room ladies, especially our waitress who made us feel so welcome – and didn’t treat me as anyone different. I don’t want my friends asked what I want, I don’t want my shoulder patted, my hair ruffled, to be told how brave I am, how well I do (yes, I’ve had all of those)…I just want – and received – to be treated as everyone else. I am the same, just on wheels instead of legs 🙂

Click on images for bigger pics. Take a closer look at those yummy cakes and sandwiches!!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

xmas tree

Enjoy the break everyone, happy families and merry xmas

xmas jewellery gifts

Who doesn’t love getting jewellery?  I know I do and all these items come in an attractive grey and black chequered effect box, with a padded foam insert covered in black velvet so sets items off wonderfully and makes a great gift. Some, not all, are gold plated so those  shouldn’t give irritation if like me you have sensitive skin and many types of jewellery are a problem.

NB: I’ve been supplied with  all of these for review purposes.

Generic Music Note Pendant ,



Its got a decent length chain at 16 inches (40.5 cm) with a further 2 inch (5cm ) extension, and the pendant itself is 1.25 inches (3cm) long. The chain is a kind of flat link type, its probably got some special name but I don’t know it! The pendant is a musical clef sign and the main curved piece has a glossy pearly white enamel effect insert, with a pretty crystal glittering on the base.


n1 n2 n3


Generic Gold Plated Champagne Sparkling Diamante Crystal Flying Horse Necklace Pendant for Women



This is a pretty, highly polished, rose gold effect colour and has a decent length open link chain at 16 inches with a further 2 inch extension, and the pendant itself is 1.25 inches long. Its a pretty stylised rearing horse with a clear Austrian crystal Czech rhinestone at the base. I think it would be a great gift for younger family members.

It has a wide appeal for all horse lovers especially children.

ho1 ho2


Generic Gold Plated Champagne Sparkling Diamante Crystal Cute Elephant Necklace Pendant for Women

Generic Gold Plated Champagne Sparkling Diamante Crystal Flying Horse Necklace Pendant for Women


Its a pretty highly polished rose gold effect colour and has a decent length chain at 16 inches with a further 2 inch extension, and the pendant itself is 1.25 inches long. Its a pretty stylised elephant in a kind of art deco open pattern, with some tiny clear Austrian crystal Czech rhinestones making up the ear/face, with a single black one for the eye. I think it would be a great gift for younger family members.


e1 e2


RFID card sleeves

RFID Credit Card Sleeves,I3C Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Credit Card & Passport Holder Protector Sleeves (5 RFID Credit Card Sleeves, 1 RFID Passport Sleeve , 6-Pack)


RFID Credit Card Sleeves,I3C Anti-Theft RFID Blocking Credit Card & Passport Holder Protector Sleeves (5 RFID Credit Card Sleeves, 1 RFID Passport Sleeve , 6-Pack)

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

These come in an assortment of designs and prices from the plain white that I’ve got, to ones where you can add your own designs – that would be fun. 

It seems more and more cards are now being made to work with “contactless” payment and its something I’m not convinced is secure. I know the blurb says its error free, but how the heck does the machine know its the card of the person in front of me it wants and not mine?? To be fair technology has grown so fast I haven’t really kept up, but I’d prefer to ensure that I’m only paying for my groceries, goods, gadgets and not someone else’s. I’m sure like Direct Debit guarantee there’s comforting pats and murmurings of “there there, don’t worry, if it goes wrong we’ll refund all your money. You won’t lose out”. I’ve had DD’s taken out of my account though without permission – a few years back British Gas decided to re-estimate a bill from nine months back, and then without contacting me took over £100 out of my bank. The first I knew was when I checked my balance, and yes it did get refunded, eventually, after lots of hassle I really didn’t need or have time for….

These sleeves are a godsend if You want to be in control; of what you’re paying. Simply slip the card in and keep in purse or wallet as normal. these have some sort of silver inner that I guess is the shielding and they’re made of a fairly robust card, not a thin, flimsy type so that gives reassurance they will be durable. I’ve got both a debit and a credit card in, and they’re a perfect fit. 

Peace of mind for minimal cost

Product supplied for review

Stars: Five

rfid1 rfid2

Foxnovo 6 Colours Hourglass Sand Clock Timer


Foxnovo 6 Colours Hourglass Sand Clock Timer 30 sec / 1 min / 2 mins / 3 mins / 5 mins / 10 mins (Random Colour)

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

Youngest grandson was here when these arrived and was really taken with them. They aren’t precision accurate but for basics like egg timing or just basic oven timing these are great. They range from 30 seconds to ten minutes, and I think they will be really good for parents. You know when you say “ten minutes more”, “ive minutes til tea is ready” etc and then the kids act totally surprised and annoyed when you say times up – well with this they have a visual reminder so they can check for themselves. No-one likes being dragged away in the middle of a film, game or book, ( my mum despaired of my book addiction and selective deafness!) but at least this way they (we) have some warning, and it’ll save tempers and tantrums all round. Sharing toys too – “ten minutes then its XYZ’s turn” A visual is so much easier to understand for young children than an abstract concept of time. Exercising – you know how ten minutes seems like nothing when you start, and then you feel it must have passed, but it hasn’t. Use one of these and at least you can see how much longer you’ve got to do – or for the glass half full people, how much you’ve already completed!

The timers themselves don’t come in a box, and I guess at this price that’s why, but it would have given some protection. Luckily mine weren’t damaged, so that wasn’t an issue but I’ve had parcels arrive in all sorts of conditions so a box would have been good, and made them look more attractive as a set. They’ve made of a lightweight plastic outer, with a glass inner and the time for each one is stamped on the head. They feel lightweight and yet are surprisingly durable, I’ve dropped them a couple of times – Ok I’m a Klutz – and they’re fine.


Product supplied for review

Stars: Five

sandtimers1 sandtimers 2

Ever Faith 925 Sterling Silver Oval Cut Sapphire Color CZ Engagement Ring

Ever Faith 925 Sterling Silver Oval Cut Sapphire Color CZ Engagement Ring

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

I love jewellery and this ring is really attractive. It arrived very quickly, in secure packaging of bubblewrap and waterproof outer. It comes with a pretty turquoise/green velour drawstring bag, and inside is a box of the same colour and the ring inside that. Also included is a polishing cloth.
The ring itself sparkles beautifully, and it would be hard to tell from a white gold/diamond/sapphire one for the average person, but of course far, far cheaper which makes  it perfect for a dress ring or for something for everyday use, just to add some glitz to life!
Its easy to clean, just a quick rub over, but when my jewellery gets a bit grubby from constant wearing I clean with an old toothbrush and some toothpaste which gets into crevices easily, gets rid of grease and dirt and leaves it sparkling again.
It makes a great gift – though I’d not recommend it for an engagement ring unless you want your wife-to-be to think you’re a cheapskate!! Its great value for money but is not precious gems.

Edit: Him Indoors took these two rings to the local pub yesterday. Didn’t say they weren’t precious gems and they were much admired, with comments of how gorgeous they were. 
Stars: Five.
Product supplied for review purposes.

PWR Plus Perform Natural Sports Energy Beetroot & Cherry Drink

PWR Plus Perform Natural Sports Energy Beetroot & Cherry Drink 

OVIO Wellness is a UK company started up by Dom and Susan, creating healthy natural drinks with olive leaf water infusions – bringing a key building block of the Mediterranean diet to you as liquid supplements and functional drinks. Given the way everyone seems to carry a bottle of some liquid with them wherever they go it makes sense to make that a healthy drink rather than the unhealthy ones often seen. /even diet drinks aren’t actually healthy even if they don’t have the sugar issues associated with weight issues and tooth decay. the company states their products are free from added sugar, preservatives, sweeteners or any artificial ingredients, and that’s good to know if you are concerned about what you are putting in your body.

So, this one, what did we like about it? ( we being myself and three of the grandkids,Daz – 16, Beth -14 and Bren – almost 5. We all loved the colour, but it does look quite thick and smells strongly of beetroot. I’d recommend diluting 50/50 with water as the company says, and that also gives extra hydration. I thought it was OK – not something I’d choose to drink, Daz sniffed it and agreed, Beth looked at it very suspiciously and rejected after a tiny sip and Bren…well – disgusting was his verdict after smelling it and he refused to taste it. this one does count as one of your five a day fruit and veg, so an easy way for those who want to up their vitamin intake.

Overall I think for older kids and adults this one. Something you’d drink for the health benefits not for pleasure….unless you’re a real beetroot devotee. I like beetroot but this was too strong tasting for me to enjoy drinking.


Stars: a three overall, unless you just want a health drink and that makes it a five.

NB: Product supplied for review purposes.