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Swear Words Colouring Book: Hilarious (and Disturbing) Adult Colouring Books

Swear Words Colouring Book: Hilarious (and Disturbing) Adult Colouring Books

I’ve not actually seen this book “in the flesh” but it caught my eye when I was browsing and I thought what a fun gift for someone who needs cheering up. forget grapes when visiting a friend in hospital, make them laugh with this book and some coloured pens/pencils instead!

Adult colouring books have become quite a trend recently, ( I have one my daughter bought me and its kind of relaxing, just colouring in the pre-drawn lines, letting thoughts wander), so take advantage and give one that’s a bit different, that has some humour too.

Of course someone with sore throat/not allowed to speak could use them as flash cards too when feeling especially frustrated 😉 Think of the stress reliever that could be….i.e. Doc comes in, smiling smugly and pronounces in that way some of them have – “how are we feeling today then Jeannie? A wee bit sore perhaps?” and then patient could hold up relevant flash card, pretending to show what they’ve been doing, but really saying S**t or  F**k Off or something 😉