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Storage Box Fabric Cube Organizer Foldable...

I bought this in cream/beige originally, and they’re perfect on my shelves, making my clothes so much tidier and easier to find. Love it so much I’ve ordered it in blue and yellow for the other two bedrooms. They’re a sensible practical size and perfect for what I wanted.

Cook Incolour 24cm Ceramic Frying Pan Blue

great price, nice solid pan, easy to clean and nothing sticks. What more can i want from a fry pan. Excellent value

Wholefood Chocolate Protein Shake (500g) Ideal for weight loss & post exercise recovery – 100% natural meal replacement – Breakfast smoothie for men & women – Drink or mix into porridge or yogurt

I started with the sample box, and then bought this. I add a little maple syrup and green and blacks cocoa powder to it. I use a blender and find it dissolves well, though it needs to be drunk within a few mins or it thickens quickly. There’s always a residue, from the nuts I guess, but so long as you drink fairly quickly it stays pretty well mixed. Its not cheap so I don’t want any left in the glass….
I find it pretty filling, and easy to make. I add the milk first then the powder to avoid any getting stuck in the bottom and not mixed. As well as the chocolate I liked the other flavours, can’t say they’re actually tasty 😉 but they are easily drinkable, and with the addition of a little maple syrup they’d much easier on the palate!
I like the idea that its not all artificial fillers, and things ultimately not good for the body, but pure and natural ingredients. I’ve been having porridge and fruit for breakfast, replacing lunch with this and having a small tea, maybe some meat or fish with plain veg, sometimes just another shake. I’ve only been doing this for a week, not sure about weight ( having one leg makes it difficult to get accurate reading…) but certainly I feel better, and can see my middle is less bloated – clothes tell me that too!

Wholefood Vegan Vanilla Protein Shake (500g) Ideal for weight loss & post exercise recovery – 100% natural meal replacement – Dairy free breakfast smoothie for men & women

Sorry, I liked the chocolate one and ordered a second bag, saw vanilla, love that flavour but…somehow the Hemp part missed my brain and yuck!! This takes revolting, like eating dried, sour grass ( I imagine, never actually tried it!!) Even the smell is overpowering. I’d added some green and Black cocoa powder and some maple syrup in an attempt to disguise the flavour but eurghh…its still awful. I’m giving up on it and going back to flavours I know I like.
Its a great idea, I love the thought of “clean” food, not fillers and preservatives, but this one – not for me.