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5 in 1 Compact Mandoline Food Slicer

5 in 1 Compact Mandoline Food Slicer from Twinzee® – slices and shreds fruits and vegetables thinly, uniformly and quickly – comes with 5 interchangeable sharp stainless steel blades, protective hand guard and easy food storage container


I had one of these ages ago then must have given it away.
This one has some updates, the box is great as its anti slip, and there’s no need to try to hold the grater/slicer at an angle for working. Just select the blade wanted, click carefully in place and then connect top to the box. Its easy to slice over the top and the food gets collected underneath.

This does great thin slices of cabbage, onion, carrot for coleslaw, apples, cucumber, red cabbage, radishes, even tomatoes which are a pain to slice thinly, for salads and sandwich fillings.
Food appearance is very important when you don’t always feel like eating and this makes it easy to do that. Drizzle a mix of shredded and sliced veg with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar and instantly you’ve a quick and healthy salad.
As well as slicing there are blades for shredding, and zesting, great if you’re a marmalade maker. There are several different blades so pick which you need.
Easy to clean, just wash quickly in hot soapy water and take care with the sharp parts. don’t just drop those in the water leaving someone to put hand in bowl and find them the hard way.

The downside. You MUST use the guard.
Yesterday I was slicing cheese for cheese and onion pastries (tan and beth, also spinach and ricotta ones, both with filo pastry, Daz wanted bacon and sausage rolls, bren wanted ” that breadcrumb stuff” ??? turned out to be shortbread he wanted, we made some a few weeks back James is happy with anything.)
All went well with the cheddar, then i wanted some parmesan (veggie type) As it was a biggish wedge I didn’t bother with the spiked holder and – yep, sliced right across my thumb!!
Ouch. I put on plaster but it wouldn’t stop bleeding and I still had lots of cooking to finish, so a bigger plaster plus two disposable rubber gloves til tan got here and was able to dress it better.
Its my right thumb, i hadn’t realised how much we use thumbs,I do now.


Stars: Five, easy to use, very effective but do take care with safety. Don’t shortcut, always use the guard.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.