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Wikipedia Day

Thanks to author Tracey Cooper Posy 


I discovered today that yesterday was Wikipedia Day

Ok, I’m late to the party but….who doesn’t use wiki for a quick check? Its a brilliant idea IMO, though still sneered at by many. I’m not entirely sure why that is, sure there are “facts” that maybe put up but haven’t been checked but that army of volunteers wiki has spawned are pretty hot on editing.


I’m a bit of an info magnet so I love Wiki, I know there are those (esp many academics) who look down on it but I can – and have – lost hours there. I love learning, love reading snippets and odd facts, always have. As a kid my mum used to say I was a mine of useless information, I was always quoting odd stats and facts….and that hasn’t left me. I’ll look up one thing on wiki, say a song title, which will lead me to an artist, then another, then collaborations, maybe a film where the song was sued..it goes like that and suddenly I’ve spent an hour just browsing.
I donated recently, only a fiver but I just love this site. In the early days it was a tad unreliable, with people adding facts without checking but its got an army now of people who love to spend their time checking and editing, just for the love of information, certain books, films, groups, countries, people, places….so its pretty much spot on when it comes to accuracy. Its still gets knocked as an unreliable source but I find its pretty good for the stuff I want to know.
I love that it isn’t “owned” as such but an idea put out and taken up by people, not fat cat companies who control everything. that’s a mark of real neutrality IMO, when no owned company gains by controlling info.
Yay for wiki day!