Pure Copper Water Bottle for Ayurvedic Health Benefits (Joint Free & leak proof)

Pure Copper Water Bottle for Ayurvedic Health Benefits (Joint Free & leak proof)

I was reading how under Ayurveda principles copper water utensils are good for the body.
I’ve also read that some people have copper deficiencies, and also that copper can help with weight loss. Ok any port in a storm, I’m always looking for weight loss boosters 😉 so as I love copper I thought I’d give this a try. If I didn’t like the taste then it’ll make a pretty vase.

I’d seen people complaining of mould inside, and mine had a little there. Usually suppliers put thosetiny crystal bags inside to absorb damp but this didn’t have any. Soon washed off with some hot soapy water though, as you can see from the images.

Its made in one piece, no seams to come apart or hold germs. Its got little cuts around the lid which help with grip too – I found that useful as I have issues with arthritis in my fingers and opening things can be hard. The lid also has a rubber/silicone seal to help keep it water tight.
I filled it up and left overnight ready for use next day. It holds around 700ml of water, enough to take with you if out for the day ( and save on the environment cost of disposable bottles. I’m a prime candidate for that, tend to always have one with me if out for the day so I’ll try to use this in future.
I filled it with water and gave a good shake upside down to test for leaks and I’m happy to say there were none. No use taking a leaky bottle out….

Its an attractive, hopefully useful bottle, and makes a pretty alternative to carrying plastic bottles, possibly giving a heath boost too.

Five stars.

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