180 Cosmetics Salt and Oil Body Scrub, Christmas Special scent Spiced Forest, and Premium Fruit Infuser Water Bottle…


I love body scrubs and have tried many over the years, but this is by far the best. Smells fabulous when using, gentle exfoliating action and the oils leave skin soft and gently fragranced.

I’m guessing its the mix of dead sea salts and different oils that make it so superior. Most of the ones I’ve used have had plain old everyday salt, or sometimes Sea salt but Dead Sea salts are renowned for their mineral properties, and this left my skin feeling fresh and silky, even my knee and elbows, areas usually still dry. I’ve very sensitive skin and often after using body products it itches but it was fine with this.

Its easy to use, quite solid to scoop out, whereas others have been very loose and I end up dropping half in the bath before it ever gets to my skin! I gently rubbed my skin with this – the perfume is wonderful – and then simply rinsed off. I could see the oils on the surface of my skin as the water ran off, and they seem to be easily absorbed as my body felt really well moisturised and soft after using.

The fragrance is gorgeous, gentle and subtle, not overpowering and to me it’s reminiscent of woody winter forests with a hint of cinnamon and spices – nutmeg or cloves maybe? Him Indoors said I smelled like mince pieces…Romantic isn’t he 😉 but he loves mince pies so its all good! The only downside for me is that it does leave the bath very slippery and as I’ve only one leg that really isn’t a good idea, makes getting out of bath really tricky….Him Indoors offered to help me get out of the bath but his idea of helping and mine aren’t quite the same. I tell him “it’s my arms and shoulders you need to hold!! ” For most people though this wouldn’t be a problem, and maybe if I get some form of non-slip bath mat that would help.

There are more in this range with different fragrances to suit everyone, and I’d be happy to use any of them.

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I’m not great on fruit flavoured waters as I find commercial ones taste over sweet and artificial, however with this you have just that hint of whatever fruit you add, and its far better. Its not a heavy flavour, just a slight infusion. I tried it with orange and apple slices. You could also add things like peppermint leaf or lemon balm too – adding the whole leaves on the stalk if you grow it, means it’ll stay in the container.

It comes in five different colours, useful if you’ve a number of kids and they all want their own one. It holds 800ml, so enough for a day out. I like that the plastic is eco friendly Tritan plastic and Food-Grade silicone– who wants to make a healthy drink that picks up toxins from the bottle….The makers say its shatterproof and it certainly feels robust.  It has a flip up handle to hook it up nearby so its always close, and will fit most car cup holders.  Its easy to clean with a very wide neck and it comes totally apart, and though I don’t have a dishwasher ( ah, don’t you feel for me…) it’s great for busy families that do.

Product supplied for review



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